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picture24 Jun 2004 @ 12:04, by Richard Carlson

Death speaks to us with a deep voice but has nothing to say.

---Paul Valery

Any life, no matter how long and complex it may be, is made up of a SINGLE MOMENT---the moment in which a man finds out once and for all who he is.

---Jorge Luis Borges

The present never ages. Each moment is like a snowflake, unique, unspoiled, unrepeatable, and can be appreciated in its surprisingness.

---Gail Sheehy

The painting is called Happiness by
John McKirdy Duncan (British, 1866-1945)
and is located in Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Try these ideas to decorate your quest~~~

Peace Event For John Lennon
yoko ono

This is a call for all countries and their people who wish for World Peace.

You, the carrier of good tidings, be proud, swift and wise. By being in

peace, you are already part of the peaceful world.

A: VIP (Visit In Peace) Event

Visit the Middle East.
Visit Asia.
Visit Africa.
Visit countries in the Southern Hemisphere.
Visit countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

Take photos of your friends who wish to make the trip but cannot.
Take music and/or an instrument from your country.
Take one thing you wear often and give it to somebody
you meet there.
What you give could be
As small as a handkerchief.
As useful as a T-shirt.
As pretty as a necklace.

a) Watch the sunrise and compare it with the ones at home.
b) Watch the sunset and compare it with the ones at home.
c) Watch the moonlight and compare it with the ones at home.

a) Stay until you find a friend to talk to.
b) Stay until you start to appreciate the country.
c) Stay until you start to feel love for their children.

Make a wish and hold it in your heart.
Deliver a wish and see it unfold.
Send a wish and ask it to be shared.

Bring back something you bought there.
Bring back memories.
Bring back a smile.

B: HIP (Home In Peace) Event
For those who cannot make the trip:

In your mind
In your heart
In your dream

Pen pal:
Make pen pals in countries you've never been to.
Ask your friends to do the same.
Make pen pals in troubled countries.
Ask your friends to do the same.
Make pen pals with people of different religion and beliefs from you.
Ask your friends to do the same.

Pin a world map on your wall.
Start putting flags on the countries you have pen pals in.
Take a photo of your map every month to record the increase of the numbers of flags.

Imagine all the people holding hands.
Imagine all the people hugging each other.
Imagine all the people living life in peace.

Listen to the heartbeat:
a) your own
b) your mate's
c) your child's
Listen to people.
Listen to animals.
Listen to the planet.
Listen to the Universe.
Listen to the Earth turning.

C: DIP (Dance In Peace) Event

When you are feeling bad
Do one thing a day
To make your heart dance.
It could be a simple thing like looking up at the sky.
If you can't manage even that
Do something for somebody
To make his/her heart dance.
It could be a simple thing like giving a call.
Do this for awhile and
Your life will change in a big way.
One day we'll all dance together.
Alright? y.o.

Note: send the Peace Event to your friends.
To be part of the Peace Event record,
send your experience to: IK! (Instant Karma!)
E-Mail: IK! mewing@up.net

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25 Jun 2004 @ 05:34 by mmmark : Great Sentiment Jazz
If we only kept peace at heart and and a caretakers soul.  

25 Jun 2004 @ 05:58 by dempstress : Have you guys
heard of the Karma Army? Try the Join Me site on www.join-me.co.uk (this, thanks Richard, is corrected version, to prevent further problems) or otherwise Google them. This is a great day to find out because it's Friday, and that means it's Random Acts of Kindness Day. Much more fun and positive than beefing about naivetee.


Oh dear, Karma strikes again. This sign is on the door of that site: THIS DOMAIN IS FOR SALE. (As you see, the link notation takes care of itself---sometimes. Other times one must stomp and cuss.)


PS Another technical note of note: mmmark is spouse of mmborders, making I hope a decreasingly rare appearance at the Logs.  

25 Jun 2004 @ 05:59 by dempstress : PS Jazzo
.....Kirkaldy is just across the Forth from here!


PPS Now if I can figure out what a Forth is, I can pop right over. Let me guess: it must be the distance between there and there.

---TGIF guy  

25 Jun 2004 @ 08:40 by dempstress : That's wierd:
I accessed the site via google this morning and it was alive and kicking. Will check it out.


25 Jun 2004 @ 08:43 by dempstress : Oops
Try www.join-me.co.uk


25 Jun 2004 @ 08:57 by dempstress : A Forth
Richard,from the Royal burgh of fife. there's a road bridge crossing and also the Forth RBridge, one of the most famous examples of Victorian engineering in the world.

Try http://www.geo.ed.ac.uk/scotgaz/features/featurefirst1053.html  

25 Jun 2004 @ 12:56 by martha : Jazzy
there are no guarantees in life. This is in reference to the title of this log.
I second mark's comment.  

29 Sep 2004 @ 23:24 by martha : more spam
The spammer has been busy today Jazzy. I got it twice and went into my log and changed settings. I still have a public log but only ncn members can comment. ( you can delete this comment when you delete the above one,,,if you want to)  

30 Sep 2004 @ 15:36 by jazzolog : Bigfoot
There does actually appear to be a bigfoot.com, with email facilities from which zimmer claims to operate. I'd email him but don't want some spyware activitated...or whatever. One of the facilities I use online is PayPal, which makes sending money to professional friends especially convenient. The other day I got a message from "PayPal" supposedly, which demanded an update of my account or else cancellation. When I clicked to the location there was a page that looked exactly like PayPal and which wanted my credit card and social security numbers. Everything looked real...except it wasn't secure. I smelled a rat. So I wrote to PayPal and asked them to verify this request. A fraud and a hoax.

I don't mind ads and popups actually, annoying as they can be, because those companies pay for much of the Internet that remains without cost. My ISP has installed some feature that blocks them though, but does allow me to see them if I want to. I have a couple of email accounts however that are inundated by spam everyday...and therefore being killed off. The better accounts now shuffle them off into a bulk folder I can look at or not. Ain't moneymaking grand?  

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