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picture17 Mar 2004 @ 18:42, by Richard Carlson

The torch of doubt and chaos, this is what the sage steers by.


I tell you: one must still have chaos in one,
to give birth to a dancing star.

---Friedrich Nietzsche

The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning.
Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.

---Erich Fromm

Sir John Everett Millais (British, 1829-1896)
The Picture of Health

Dear Friends,

This afternoon my doctor reviewed with me the analyses of 2 groups of experts regarding the samples sent them. He has decided a diagnosis of prostate cancer is appropriate for me. Yes if it is there, it is a little teeny spot...but with this disease drastic measures are necessary. He offers two options for me. One is surgery...and it is all or nothing. That is, the whole gland would be removed. The other is radiation, and there are a couple different forms of that procedure. Both options are major and involve a good deal of time for preparation and recovery. Essentially I'm still in the state of trying to accept the situation. But I need to make a decision as well, and thankfully there are wife, friends and family to help. I'll not write a great amount about all this I think, but I have been interested to let you know what was happening in the event things get serious. If I tend not to write or communicate as much, or to live up to expectations and responsibilities for a while, please understand. Thank you for your continued concern.


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17 Mar 2004 @ 19:05 by martha : Richard
i will bath you and marie in white light each day as you both go through these health challenges...
I am so glad you have so much love around you with your family and friends. I understand why you might want to stay quiet. The good news is that which ever treatment you chose, there has been much success in stopping this dis-ease.

love, martha  

17 Mar 2004 @ 19:14 by vibrani : Richard
I'm am sure you have a great chance of full recovery no matter which option you choose. Try to stay connected to Source and all the love around you from your family and friends here.  

17 Mar 2004 @ 20:05 by swan : Sending love and healing to you,
my friend. I also believe that our own positive thoughts for positive outcomes can make all the difference.  

17 Mar 2004 @ 22:45 by Ashanti @ : Love you
(((hug))) Very very much.  

18 Mar 2004 @ 00:23 by shawa : My heart with you too
I join the groups of your friends here to send you my best wishes for recovery.  

18 Mar 2004 @ 05:43 by spiritseek : We...
walk this path together with love and true spirit. Above it all keep calm and positive and shoot the bad cells with love and healing. I love you my dearest comrad.
Spiritual Warrior,

18 Mar 2004 @ 17:28 by gezi : other ways
there are definitely more ways than the ones suggested by your medical doctors. One of them is http://www.hospitalsantamonica.com
A friend of mine was diagnosed with colon cancer - much later - and his 'medical' options were about what you were offered. He decided that his quality of life would be not acceptable after these kind of treatments and he took a chance - he is now cancer free with full quality of life - he still has all his body parts.

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