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 Where Is Jeff Gannon Now?3 comments
picture20 Jul 2005 @ 11:15
Every day you must say to yourself, "Today I am going to begin."

---Jean Pierre De Caussade SJ

One day a nonbeliever visited the Buddha, and said: "Question with or without words?" The Buddha remained silent. After some time, the nonbeliever bowed deeply before the Buddha and said, "Because of your great compassion, I am relieved of all illusion and see the Buddhist Way clearly before me." He bowed again and left.
Afterward, Ananda questioned the Buddha: "What did the nonbeliever find that caused him to see the Way?"
The Buddha replied, "A good horse is one that runs merely on seeing the shadow of a whip."

---Zen story

We now know that the moon is demonstrably not there when nobody looks.

---N. David Mermin

A Late Afternoon in Summer - (Thomas Moran - 1909)

Last night my wife sent out an article by David Corn, who is a writer I like and whose stuff for The Nation sometimes shows up at Yahoo News. Mr. Corn was lamenting about the right-wing disinformation machine and, like many folks I guess, it made me wonder what will become of Rove/Libby and the Plame case now that John Roberts is here. Some analysts this morning are worried the President announced his Supreme Court nomination on primetime television in order to push his administration's problems right out of the public's mind.  More >

 An Open Letter To The Bush Brothers: Erring On The Side Of Life29 comments
picture25 Mar 2005 @ 12:07
Would that life were like the shadow cast by a wall or a tree, but it is like the shadow of a bird in flight.

---The Talmud

In other words, apart from the known and the unknown, what else is there?

---Harold Pinter

A hundred thousand words are flowers in the sky
a single mind and body is moonlight on the water
once the cunning ends and information stops
at that moment there is no place for thought.

---Han-Shan Te-Ch'ing

In the photo from the Tucson Citizen, Jill Gwinn, 52, and her 13-year-old niece, are detained in connection with an egg-throwing incident outside Tucson Convention Center. The two were cited by police.

Hey Guys!

I don't know what it is about George, but everywhere I go the dude shows up. Buddy, my trip to Tucson this week was supposed to be strictly pleasure---and mostly it was!---but the whole place got knocked out of joint, which is typical for your "events", by your decision to have one of your "conversations" with us. We all remember how much you love Ohio and all the times you breezed through last fall. The one time I actually tried to catch a glimpse in Parkersburg, West Virginia, you left orders to greet me with a helmeted, black-uniformed, fully-armed SWAT team ( [link] ). Well, I got the hint---so this time I checked my appointment book first---and, sure enough, I was not among the 1500 specially invited "guests" with whom you insisted on being surrounded at the Tucson Convention Center Monday ( [link] ). Let's see, is that taxpayer money that pays for Presidential appearances?  More >

 The Great Ohio Rebellion Disintegrates12 comments
picture22 Dec 2004 @ 13:43
When people agree with me I always feel that I must be wrong.

---Oscar Wilde

Restless man's mind is,
So strongly shaken
In the grip of the senses:
Gross and grown hard
With stubborn desire
For what is worldly.
How shall I tame it?
Truly, I think
The wind is no wilder.

---Bhagavad Gita

What is the most miraculous of all miracles?
That I sit quietly by myself.

---Zen mondo

The photo's by Lauren Heaton: Recount 'em up---Ballot gazing in Cincinnati on December 15

The trouble with the American Left is the nature of our material. Our spirit of independence is easily corrupted by frustration, rage, and stubbornness. We are less reliable by far to carry a load and get the work done than any Democratic mule. When we're dropped we splinter. We love to make speeches full of demands and hurl charges empty of evidence. We're the stuff of impotence.

No wonder the media doesn't report us. No wonder it takes 2 hours to tour the Internet to find out what's going on. Everybody has his own little blog or group blaring out similar invectives. Where's a coalition, an alliance to get the job done? Who is doing painstaking research and organization? No wonder the rightwing message boards find us so hilarious. No wonder their insults hurt. No wonder all we do is squeal louder.  More >

 Fear21 comments
picture7 Nov 2004 @ 11:45
The painting by Andrea Del Sarto is of Christ realizing He is Risen.

I heard the unblown flute
In the deep autumn shadows
Of the Temple of Suma.


Heard melodies are sweet,
but those unheard
Are sweeter: therefore,
ye soft pipes, play on;
Not to the sensual ear, but,
more endear'd,
Pipe to the spirit ditties of no tone.

---John Keats

W.'s presidency rushes backward, stifling possibilities, stirring intolerance, confusing church with state, blowing off the world, replacing science with religion, and facts with faith. We're entering another dark age, more creationist than cutting edge, more premodern than postmodern. Instead of leading America to an exciting new reality, the Bushies cocoon in a scary, paranoid, regressive reality. Their new health care plan will probably be a return to leeches.
---Maureen Dowd, November 7, 2004

Garrison Keillor went even further on his Prairie Home Companion show last night. He proposes, of course in irony, a Constitutional amendment that bans born-again Christians from voting. He bases his proposal on the fact Evangelicals obviously are not citizens of the United States, but rather of Heaven. They no longer believe in our basic American values. Their health care plan is an opportunity for a closer walk with God.  More >

 Four Chirps1 comment
picture3 Jul 2004 @ 10:28
you ask why I perch on a jade green mountain?
I laugh but say nothing
my heart free like a peach blossom
in the flowing stream
going by in the depths in another world not among men


The final mystery is oneself....Who can calculate the orbit of his own soul?

---Oscar Wilde

What I am I am, and say not. Being is the great explainer.

---Henry David Thoreau

Singer Karrin Allyson digs in at the Great Bend Jazz Festival

This is an actual review of 4 new CDs, something I guess I should do more of given my lifelong interest in music. The title refers to an older generation's jazztalk to describe a female singer, specifically a girl who travels with a band---and in those days, that meant an orchestra of 15 men. In other words, a chirp is a jazz chick who sings...and clearly at first glance, as with much jazz slang, it looks neither complimentary or politically correct. Life on the road, particularly with a busload of men---even if every one were in superb emotional condition---is grueling work, and developing some kind of life with dignity in it is not always achieved. Perhaps because of this, and some of the casualties of such a life, to my generation lady jazz singers generally are treated with the highest respect we jazzfans can muster.  More >

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