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picture 16 Feb 2010 @ 14:02, by Scotty

Before going up to Paris for Christmas I put out tons of food for the birds ..
was a bit worried that being away for so long they might run out ..
they become so dependant during the winter period.

When I returned I found that nothing had been touched !!
Where were all the birds ? Didn't they like the food ?
Was something scaring them away ?

Turns out that quite simply there aren't all that many birds around the place !
Maybe it's because there are hardly any gardens where we are !

Recently though the birds have appeared ... maybe they've had a good food supply up untill now who knows - maybe they've only just found the bird table LOL

There aren't many of them but they seem to come in pairs !!
Two Robins .. the male is beautifully red !
Two Blue Tits
Two Coal Tits
Two chaffinches .. don't know what they are though
and Two Ringed Doves !!

I'm delighted !
I love seeing them every morning flittering about ... they come back in the evening too just before nightfall !

It's so wonderful to have a wee garden here in the middle of a city !

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