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Pranayama, then, means energy control. This energy control is often effected with the aid of breathing exercises. Hence, breathing exercises have also come to be known as pranayamas.

Patanjali’s reference is to the energy control that is achieved as a result of various techniques, and not to the techniques themselves. His word signifies a state in which the energy in the body is harmonized to the point where its flow is reversed—no longer outward toward the senses, but inward toward the Divine Self that lies in the hearts of all beings. Only when all the energy in the body can be directed toward this Self can one’s awareness be intense enough to penetrate the veils of delusion and enter superconsciousness.

The very energy with which we think is the same energy that we use to digest our food. To test this claim, consider how difficult it is, after a heavy meal, to think about weighty problems, and how clear the mind becomes after a fast. To divert all the energy from the body to the brain cannot but intensify one’s awareness, and the keenness of one’s understanding. To direct this energy inwardly is the first step in divine contemplation.

Prana is the life force which is the underlying, activating power within all creation. 'The word prana translates as breath, life and energy .Yogananda gave us the example of a car battery: if there is no energy in the battery nothing will make the car move. You can fill it with gas and water, yet nothing will happen without the battery power. It is the same with us; no amount of nutritious food, water, etc, will power the body if prana is not present.

The breath acts as a strong stimulus to the flow of life force in the body. These pranayama (prana - life force; yama - control) exercises enable us to, through the medium of the breath, strengthen, control and harmonize the flow of prana in the body.

As we work with the breath/prana within us, we can profoundly change our consciousness.  More >

 What is Pranayama?
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Pranayama is an important, yet little known part of Yoga. Its techniques have been practiced for centuries by ardent students of Yoga in remote ashrams, and have been preserved for us through many generations both in practice and in handwritten books. Until recently, this art and science of Yogic breathing was almost completely unknown to the common man like many other ancient Indian arts. Those who knew it used to be very reluctant to share their knowledge and experience with anyone, unless a student proved by tests that he was ready to receive it. During the last three decades, however, this situation has changed; and subjects such as Yoga, pranayama, meditation, and even Kundalini, are being discussed all over the world, not only by Yoga teachers, but also by the general public and by scientists. More recently, various techniques of Yoga have begun to attract the attention of physicians, therapists, and medical consultants. It is common to find both patients and doctors who can narrate their own experiences about the cure of various diseases by using Yoga techniques. It has been proved beyond doubt that Pranayama is a very important means for preventing and curing many ailments. Its aim is to bring the traditional knowledge of this great art of the common man, it can be used without much external help for the maintenance as well as the restoration of health.Its keeps diseases away by using the age-old techniques of Pranayama  More >

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Surya Namaskar is a unique system that combines rigorous physical activity with mental exercises & astrological healing.

Lord Sun as our scriptures put it, is central to existence of this universe. Even in Astrology, Sun holds pivotal importance. Praying to Lord Sun helps overcome most of the weaknesses that are generated by a bad horoscope.

Surya Namaskaar is a combination of Yoga Asanas, Pranayam, Sun Bathing & Sun Prayer. As a system to rejuvenate the body & the soul, it is beyond compare. One round of Surya Namaskaar is much better than a week of exercises done at a gym.

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