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Thursday, April 10, 2008day link 

category picture10 Apr 2008 @ 13:52
Last night I was going for a walk in an inner city. I immediately noticed my senses were heightened, and that my "intelligence" could not stop focusing on it, even though it tried.

That really struck me. First my rational brain analyzes and senses the potential danger just from the general environment. Then the body responds with increased blood flow, and adrenaline to heighten the senses. I really thought about how the natural response of my body was a good thing, and that of course the best idea was to keep that just under the surface, just in case. However, I also noticed that I tried to reason away the potential danger for a few seconds. To me that feels the way of panic and not being in control of yourself, which is just silly when you think about it.

So then, after this minor personal event was over, I started really thinking about survival. Survival is so fundamental, so intrinsic into who we are. Our modern world masks and covers the illusion that all systems are about survival.  More >