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6 Apr 2008 @ 07:12, by FreeSociety Project

We are very happy to have found a home where we can openly discuss our work and who we are. Our hope is that we can end up working with many many groups and slowly build an economic center that can support those in our current society that find their environment not sufficient to true human happiness.

We will be explaining more of our core ideas shortly, and incrementally. Two of the first "projects" that we would like to share with the general community will be announced shortly. Articles of Societal Foundation and a series of papers dealing with a historical perspective of mankind and what it means for future societal development.

We believe a good society should be designed with the best structures to facilitate human harmony, personal growth, individual accomplishment, and the "divinity" of the self.

It is time as a human race, to take the training wheels off. No longer do we need oppressive dogmas regarding Kings, Gods, Governments or Corporate authoritarianism. The Articles of Societal Foundation will be a collective attempt to define what such a society values, and how it is structured, and making an announcement of what it means to be a human being.

Again, we do not come here with "the only answer". We have developed a skeletal structure for both how/why a good society functions and how to develop this system NOW, within our current political/legal framework. We need as much help as the communities can give.

Thanks for listening, and it is good to be here

Captain Obvious

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6 Apr 2008 @ 10:02 by jazzolog : Is This
editorial "we" with which you write...or are there a bunch of you in here?  

6 Apr 2008 @ 15:14 by democritus : FSP group
There's a whole bunch of us, each signing our own articles. Some writing styles are different to others, but we all agree on most things.
- Xaz  

6 Apr 2008 @ 16:17 by democritus : FSP Group
We consider ourselves a bit of a community-family. We are in solidarity in our ideas, and have made a commitment to each other in this regards. We will share our lives in many ways. This is the way it has to start, we believe. A common unity, a common agreement that includes using our shared potential work capital. We will be explaining more in the future, we just did not want to come on too strong :D

"We" comprises about 15 people that are actively involved and at least another 10-15 that can be called up from past activity. We had a larger number at one time, however, a good many of them, while understanding that this society is not best for them, were not quite ready to dedicate at this time. Hopefully this changes, as what we build can facilitate more and more people. I cannot emphasize enough that we come here humbly, asking for help, and looking for a place to voice our rather controversial opinions.

BTW- I am going to say this now. However, I will probably write up an article on it as well, just so it is clear. We are not asking for money, we do want to become part of a larger community, and let our ideas be know, and TO HAVE OUR IDEAS IMPROVED BY OTHERS. Peer review, and scientific methodologies are one of humanities greatest tools for logical thought. This does not mean compassion and "love" are out of the equation, just the opposite. Anyway, I just wanted those here to know, that we do not accept donations at this time, and our plan is to use our work capital to grow. Thanks again.


8 Apr 2008 @ 19:17 by vaxen : Aha!
Yes, I was also wondering the same thing that jazzo voiced above. Felt like a group...now, I find, it is a group! Yahoo! The only way to survive the onslaught of the transformational megadigme shifts coming to the overall 'earth collective' seems to be - to incorporate!

Incorporation does have its' benefits. The corpus unites, gobbles up everything in sight, expands and either feeds upon itself unto extinction of species or journeys outwards to the 'starzzzzz' where it finds that...it is not wanted! Holo-earth on the holo-deck of the mother ship.

FSP? How about 'asymmetrical thought' of the kind we find governing the multidimensional megaverse? Got a website? Blogs? Etcetera?


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