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3 Apr 2008 @ 19:41, by FreeSociety Project

“Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me”

Often seen as a symbol of mere juvenile resistance, this attitude is actually a positive attribute of humanity, and can teach us how to better live and solve the issues that plague our societies. The potency of this statement comes from the less obvious idea of empowerment through resistance. The ability to resist implies YOU have the power. This is exactly as it should be. That very resistance is the spirit of mankind that refuses to stay chained to its own collective ignorance and to demand a better way. To be free from the oppression of others, is part of what has made mankind great. It is also exactly opposite of the root structure of all systems (government, religion, corporation) as we know them today.

Think of what else it tells you. Mankind wants as little shackles as possible, that is where we have been heading, to true human freedom and we owe it to the future of our race to continue this great journey. We also owe it to that desire for freedom for ourselves. To not answer that call is to embrace the continuing infringements against the free human spirit.

Like all peoples who have done so before, we are faced with the same obstacle. Power condensed into the hands of the relative few. This is where the power lies, and this is the force that benefits in the overall enslavement of humanity.

To continue the demand for freedom, is to realize that it is more then resistance to the will of others. The same correctness in “fuck you, I wont do what you tell me” not only applies to others, but it applies to the person protecting their own freedom. It is our duty to know that to others, we can easily be the oppressor and the only solution to real collective freedom, is to have a working understanding of this idea. From that point, it is clear why authoritarian rule of any kind is wrong.

Don’t tell me, I won’t tell you. But where does this leave us? A bunch of kids who refuse to get along on the playground? No, we use that attitude to firmly defend our own authority and learn to live in a manner that respects the authority of others. This is the path to freedom that the human spirit desires. This is how humanity learns to grow up from the destructive childhood from our past history, and the human-childhood that our social structures are designed to facilitate.

To a person who does not need to be ordered and forced, in fact refuses to be, our social order is greatly lacking and disrespectful to the human character. Another way can be had that is designed from the ground up to enhance and increase the dignity of mankind. A system not based on the deadly competition of resources (which is the ultimate cause of authoritarianism in current social systems). A system based on the shared goals of freedom, advancement of knowledge, advancement of peaceful living conditions, and human exploration.

Captain Obvious

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4 Apr 2008 @ 07:48 by vaxen : Heh, heh!
Good show mate and welcome aboard! Yeah, resist! Resistance is NOT futile! We are not Borgs we are not chattel slaves to the corporate fictions, including Corp. US! Thanks for the above. Now spread the word fellow human being!

The US of A was founded on just such a principle and since it has become 'collective,' 'communist,' it is nothing but a lie but...the Republic still lives! Don't Tread On Me is something the wigs who think they have the power are about to find out! Long live freedom! Down with Tyranny of all kinds! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Oh, the black on dark green theme you are using doesn't come off so well cause the black fades into the green and one can't see it. Just an observation, mind you. Glad you're here and I look forward to more from you. :)  

4 Apr 2008 @ 10:19 by democritus : thanks
Thanks. On the theme, we are working on it. We published this a little before we were ready. (oops!) Hopefully, we will have something more appealing asap.

And thanks for the welcome to the community. We have some ideas we will be presenting in the next couple months to outline what we feel can be done now to bring a "better" social construct which means that freedoms of the individual are not comprised by a State, but that each individual is sovereign and the best way to assure that for yourself is through mutual cooperation. Well we have a skeletal model to try to evolve (actually a complete fork) society.
Keep in mind, we do not come here with the "answer". Just a decent seed of an idea that can be grown, analyzed, and scientific reasoning can be used to continuously improve a social structure designed to facilitate that core "divine" right of "owning" yourself. And how to get there.

Who are we to think we can do such a thing? Its got to start somewhere and it has to start right now. Traditional methodologies will not work to bring a change in the root of why most people live and die.

It is time to hack at the roots.

Captain Obvious  

8 Apr 2008 @ 18:29 by vaxen : Heh, heh...
Yes, it is obvious to a lot of Americans who don't seem to be getting all the good press. Grass roots just seem to sprout up, though, with not a whole helluva lot of hullabaloo. Then in the morning Big Brother gets up,yawns, looks out and...WHOAA!! Multiple personality are we? Or are 'you' involved with a group of like minded folk?


8 Apr 2008 @ 18:43 by democritus : Covered here

Read those comments- covers it for now. I apologize for not explaining everything at once. We are not being secretative, just not fully ready. Anyway the short version- We are 15 or so individuals united with a shared vision of how to start achieving real and lasting social change to a society that values the individuals authority above all else- while combining that with the compassionate sense that we are all in this together (those who can anyway- some cant yet)


Capt O  

8 Apr 2008 @ 20:17 by a-d : THANK YOU,
for saying the Obvious --and what has been/still is --twisted in the (so called/ s.c.) New Age Movement's Religion: "What you resist persists" meaning that you resisting ('US'; the ESTABLISHMENT/OUR ALL-LIMITING Rules on you, ) is a bad, bad thing and all you do is hurt yourself with more of that shit which you were resisting in the first place; OUR "You-LIMITING" RULES!
But they put it in s.c. Spiritual Context as an ALL IMPORTANT, OMNIPOTENT Spiritual Truth-About-Life/Universe; "how Universe works" -thing! Devious! THANK YOU for opposing --and exposing-- their shit!  

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