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 General Information about FSP
category picture6 Apr 2008 @ 07:12
We are very happy to have found a home where we can openly discuss our work and who we are. Our hope is that we can end up working with many many groups and slowly build an economic center that can support those in our current society that find their environment not sufficient to true human happiness.

We will be explaining more of our core ideas shortly, and incrementally. Two of the first "projects" that we would like to share with the general community will be announced shortly. Articles of Societal Foundation and a series of papers dealing with a historical perspective of mankind and what it means for future societal development.

We believe a good society should be designed with the best structures to facilitate human harmony, personal growth, individual accomplishment, and the "divinity" of the self.

It is time as a human race, to take the training wheels off. No longer do we need oppressive dogmas regarding Kings, Gods, Governments or Corporate authoritarianism. The Articles of Societal Foundation will be a collective attempt to define what such a society values, and how it is structured, and making an announcement of what it means to be a human being.

Again, we do not come here with "the only answer". We have developed a skeletal structure for both how/why a good society functions and how to develop this system NOW, within our current political/legal framework. We need as much help as the communities can give.

Thanks for listening, and it is good to be here

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