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picture3 Mar 2008 @ 20:27, by Vladimir Zhivotovsky

In late January of the current year, during half an hour time, in some Kiev’s district people were watching “something” which, according to them, could have been an UFO, Kiev’s newspaper Segodnia (Today) recently reported.

The witnesses claim that high up in the sky a bright orange point with a black smoke column over it was glowing. After a while, the “point” widened and then turned into a big orange ball which zigzagged from one side to another eventually having disappeared.

“After some time, two balls appeared, one after another. Something happened with the last one,” Grigoriy Zayets, deputy director of the Organic Chemistry Institute, who became witness of the unusual phenomenon and took a picture of it, reports. According to Zayets, the strange ball, having hung around in the sky, divided in two smaller balls and, as it were, “exploded” leaving a smoky trail after it.

In a commentary, Secretary of the Research Center for Anomalous Phenomena Artem Bilyk reports that UFOs of extraterrestrial origin visit Kiev up to ten times a year, and Ukraine, according to witnesses’ words, some 30 times per year.

In 2006 for instance, in Kiev UFOs hanged over two different city districts, and some day in October 2006 over Kiev-Pechery Lavra (a local Christian shrine) witnesses counted up a whole slew of 30 “flying balls”.


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4 Mar 2008 @ 07:16 by vaxen : Sounds like...
scalar interferometry being tested in these areas. cf: [link] for an exaustive account of such allied phenomena. Thanks for the info Vladimir.

If I get a chance I'll get the exact pages for you so you won't have to hunt so much at Toms' site...  

6 Mar 2008 @ 15:23 by galacton : Scalar,
HAARP even in their "mild" operational mode seem to be not safe adult toys. If these phenomena are not ET origin - to which degree they might be detrimental to people or environment? Could local nsas or the military know the real cause of this show?
By the way - that link - cheniere - just a liquid gas transporter..  

6 Mar 2008 @ 16:39 by bushman : Also,
could just be increased water vapor in a layer, that was super heated by jet engines, then turned to heavy con trail ice crystals. Ive seen both chem trails and intermitant con trails from jets. When there is lots of air traffic, you can see that there is a water vapor layer that takes the look of undulating hills. If they are chem trails that layer looks flat spreads out evenly and then will show a microwave signature in the form of a bubble within the man made overcast. Im going to say you got a pic of a con trail broken up by the jetstream.  

10 Mar 2008 @ 18:07 by galacton : Perhaps,
that's all just physics and nothing more - the fact is that 90 percent of UFOs are explainable in some sort of scientific conclusions (including new technology/weapons) - I didn't see it myself. Besides, that photo,maybe, was not a picture of the original event - guys might just put it out of the google, as usual. So, orange ball can be explained by sunset rays reflecting/interfering from/through the ice and "smoke" - by somehow 'not illuminated' part of dispersing contrail, but that 'thing' kept jumping back and forth...that's perplexing....And I believe that our Ukrainian gov't is too busy with politics now :-)to chemtrail us (though the population keeps decreasing at the fast pace, indeed), interesting that you spoke of chemtrails as a common thing, or chemtrails also mean agriculture aviation activities?....but why over "less-green-every-day-city"?:-)  

10 Mar 2008 @ 18:24 by bushman : Solar
radiation, as our magnetic field deminishes over time, more harmful rays from the Sun can penetrate to the ground, what better way than to emit reflective particals in jet fuel, to creat a sheild. They would do it over areas that tend to absorb solar heat. I dont think a single gov would be involved, it would be rich corperations doing whatever to lower thier costs so as they wont have to spend billions on cleaning up thier production pollution, assuming CO2 output is the main constiuant gas absorbing heat, although water vapor holds far more heat. I have a hard time believeing Aliens in UFOs are comming from a distant planet, but lets say they arnt Aleins, lets say they are just highly advanced races of beings that evolved right here on Earth. Then it all makes sence. :}  

10 Mar 2008 @ 18:50 by galacton : So,
chemtrails for fighting heat, if I understand it properly? Maybe, though ecological thinking is also pretty much down, as we can see (it is surely down in Ukraine). On the other part, these stories about one world govt purposefully diminishing the planet's population are also wide-spread. But it's strictly up to a person to believe in far.
Yes, I agree that some "aliens" are not aliens at all (pleiadians, f.ex.), who can be, partly, descendants of some old wave of earthlings' "galactic settlement", since these "bloodlines" are so mixed here on Earth and reportedly in our Universe. ETs is better way of speaking of them (some part of grays might be nevertheless "alien" to us, though...). And Agarthians from beneath the Earth surface are definitely rather brothers than aliens..  

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