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picture25 Feb 2008 @ 18:25, by Vladimir Zhivotovsky


In Russia’s Perm Krai (Perm region) a first national ufology conservation area is being prepared for opening. The central area of the so-called "anoumalous Molebsk triangle" is to include a hotel, several cottages, 'abnormal' paths and an observatory. Plans for the mystic zone’s upgrading were shared by one of Perm’s amateur ufologists.

NOTE: the translation of the info below is mine. Location of the City of Perm: 1552 km from Moscow to the east (almost on the foothills of the Urals). Location of the City of Togliatty: 1032 km from Moscow a bit south-east, situated on banks of the Volga river.


In Russia’s Perm Krai (Perm region) a first national ufology conservation area is being prepared for opening. The central area of the so-called "anoumalous Molebsk triangle" is to include a hotel, several cottages, 'abnormal' paths and an observatory. Plans for the mystic zone’s upgrading were shared by one of Perm’s amateur ufologists.

The village of Molebka, situated 300 km off the city of Perm, is famous by its anomalous phenomena since 1980s. Emil Bachurin, a geologist, became the discoverer of the mystic zone, having located within 7 km of the village strange circles on the ground.

“Ever since, we have periodically observed here balls, triangles, dumbbells, luminescent objects, crop circles. On the zone territory there have been cases of devices shutting down, watches stopping…,” Nilolay Kinev, the author of Mistery. The Molebsk Zone. Anomalous Events book, recounts.

And the idea of the mystic zone’s ‘upclassing’ had been put forth by director of Russian research observatory RUFORS Nikolai Subbotin.

“He proposed building a hotel, cottages, and an observatory for visitors. At that, the conservation will fit both ufologists and plain tourists who are interested in UFO issues,” Kinev explained.

On the territory with an area of 4 hectares, gravitometers, electromagnetic sensors, IR- and UV-cameras will be mounted.

According to the ufologist, one should not rule out that the said anomalous events are a result of tectonic fissures: once, there had been mines in this region. “There are many questions, and they must be addressed,” says Subbotin.
Apart from the scientific interest realization, the originators hope for sustaining with the Rouble the village itself.

“There are a bit more than 500 inhabitants in Molebka, but the devastation is total. There is no school there, children are transported for their studies to a village 20 km away,” Nikolai Kinev complains.

And, in case the design documents are agreed upon with the regional authorities, the village’s dwellers can figure on a good benefit just from the beginning of the first season.

“We receive thousands of tourists on the annual basis. People used to come here from various places of the country, hoping to see an UFO in the sky. Among them many foreign travelers – recently, Germans were shooting film about Molebka,” the Kishertsk district local authorities say.

According to Kinev, the high seasons for tourists are summer and fall.
Still, at many district administrations they haven’t heard anything about the ufology reserve creation, as yet.

“Our department is not aware of any decisions as regards creation of any zone – we didn’t make them. Since we are in charge of the special protection areas, this is our prerogative, and, most probably, you possess not precise information,” Liudmila Harun, Head of Environmental Department of the Perm region, informed a Vzgliad (Look) correspondent.

Notwithstanding the documents endorsement issues are in limbo so far, the construction of the reserve has commenced.

A hotel, which will have ordinary as well as comfortable rooms, is being built in the village already. “It would be good to have finished it by spring, then, probably, the tourists will be able to check in as soon as in the current year,” Kinev said with hope in his voice.

The very anomalous zone is not supposed to be developed, so that “to not infringe upon its pristine state”.

By the way, in the USA, in small City of Roswell, a similar ufology tourist center has been functioning for many years, providing a fair income for its creators.


UFO Museum to Appear in Russia

The Samara region attracts seekers of the Unknown.

In the City of Togliatty, (the Samara region of Russia) an UFO museum, the exposition of which will feature paranormal phenomena evidence collected in the region’s territory, is planned to open soon. The Samarskaya Luka spot near Togliatty is considered one of Russia’s anomalous zones. Many people insist that they have encountered here with extraordinary phenomena – mysterious flying objects and ET civilizations’ representatives. Togliatty and Samarskaya Luka seem to be a polygon for supernatural forces and a Klondike for the tourist business. According to a correspondent of, local ufologists have already worked out a tourist excursion and information program. Besides the museum creation, there is supposed to be built a small tourist camp in the region, where UFO funs will have a possibility to spend nights waiting for extraterrestrials, as well as to open ‘thematic‘ restaurants and shops.


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25 Feb 2008 @ 21:03 by bushman : Cool :}
Welcome to the news logs.  

26 Feb 2008 @ 21:22 by vaxen : Thanks...
Vladimir. Welcome. Are you familar with Colonel Tom Beardens' works?

Here's the toc to his site: [link]

And this area especially interests me: [link]  

28 Feb 2008 @ 21:15 by galacton : Thank you
Seem not to have heard about him. Famous person, according to a short book annotation. But I looked through some topics on the site - seems interesting, and in particular, some rare info on secret Soviet (and now Russian) psychotronic weapons. Will read somehow. Though i'm not a physicist, but strongly sympathize with such people...  

29 Feb 2008 @ 06:18 by vaxen : Ok...
Glad you visited his site. There is a lot of Soviet Psi activity coming over here especially with the Department of Homeland Security. The Psychotechnology Research Institute in Moscow has developed a pleasent little instrument that reads minds/thoughts and will be in place by 09 here in our airports.

The USA is more of a Stalinist Gulag than Russia... the final phase. ;) A little OSINT goes a long way and GRU is GRU. Even if by a new name FSB.

Hope you'll be publishing more UFO related stuff here soon, Vladimir. Exopolitically speaking our two countries should go beyond MAD and shake hands getting rid, inasmuch as is possible, the old, tired, political ideas of the 19th and 20th centuries. After all it is one world, isn't it?



2 Mar 2008 @ 18:48 by galacton : I agree, vaxen
Yes, for me, too, politicians and just people are two different classes in most countries, I believe - when a person gets "up there to a higher echelon", he usually (there may be some exclusions) gets mind-corrupted to a preferred degree because of the pressure of his environment. I often read now the remarks of people which say, to put it mild, that America is no more an oasis of liberty. But, perhaps, some "subliminal" activity of the internationa movement "the secret warriors" (, Leo Wanta team and the like) will help "liberate" it in a not distant future.

As I know, the mind control games (I've read the Sharon's article) started as yearly as in 20s, when GPU was formed. Apart from technology, they already then used sensitive people ("extrasenses" as they are called here) for their ends, as they do now. Some not secret information still can surface in some documentaries shown on Russian (and then Ukrainian, where I live) TV in the course of eternal polemics with the Soviet era, but it's filtered and under control, I believe. BTW, in the last year's end, when Georgia experienced public unrest events, the police seem to have used some special devices working through mobile phones on demostrators (perhaps, of American origin)to disperse them - I got a long article where some psychiatrists report on very unusual symptoms which people experienced all of a sudden - strong fear,obfuscated consciousness etc. while the events.

The question as to Russian psylabs is how could they get through the gov't control so that to sell anything of such a kind especially now when there is such cooling between the USA and Russia, though I understand that "to sell" anything should be great motivating force for Russian scientists :-)? Strange.

As for UFO news, to be continued...soon.:)  

3 Mar 2008 @ 05:45 by vaxen : Glad to hear...
you'll be continuing with your UFO news soon. Yes we do have a variety of 'soft weapons' not considered lethal but which really are. Dr. Nick Begich's work on this is interesting as is Flannagens neuro phone and further military developements of 'silent sound' which kills.

For these miserable inheritors of the Fascist orders will and ways I have nothing but contempt for they consider this worlds human peoples as well as life forms on all dynamics nothing but guinea pigs for their wretched applications. It is my belief that our countries have been working together beyond the polemics of the political propaganda machines towards the creation of a one world order utilising the hegelian dialectic such as you see in the current facade here where the presidential primaries are concerned. There are no real elections in this country or, I dare say, any.

I've been studying a strange Company called Ptech which is also the name of a software which is a further evolution of the PROMIS software. You would not beleive how this worlds COmputer systems are all linked together, now, through this set of applications under the real control of the UAE, Dubai, and Saudia Arabian financiers and developement groups. The real force behinid the 911 Fals flag operation.

Well, I'm getting out of hand here. Glad to know you are studying these issues too. Ukrania used to be considered the breadbasket of Europe as Eurasia is of the world. And the real target today is the same as it was in the last century and in Napoleaons time for it is felt that if you conquer Eurasia you rule the world. What an insane lot of jerks who've elected themselves to be 'leaders' of mankind! AS you might be able to tell...I do not believe in 'leaders' at all. Glad you're here Vladimir.  

3 Mar 2008 @ 21:19 by galacton : I just
typed in in Google this nice-sounding name PROMIS and on the 1st page came across an old but interesting article where it's said "the gov't" stole it by "trickery, fraud and deceit" yet in 1982 from some Inslaw firm and then kept selling (to 50 countries) and reselling it getting much profit. Interesting is that the Internet was in its baby age then and 1st PC appeared,if I'm not wrong, in 1981, so, so much attention for this tracking software already then...and some people used it for cyber-money-laundering still in early 80s - cool!

I agree that Eurasia is important (oil), but Ukrainian agriculture will be ruin after its upcoming accession to WTO this year. No more the breadbasket of Europe, if ever :(.  

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