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 Boriska The Russian Martian2 comments
picture31 Mar 2008 @ 18:20
(Material by courtesy of Gennady Belimov; Boriska means little Boris)

Sometimes, some children are born with quite fascinating talents,
unusual abilities.

I was told the story of an unusual boy named Boriska from members
of an expedition to the anomaly zone located in the north of
the Volgograd region, most commonly referred to as "Medvedetskaya

"Can you imagine, while everyone was sitting around the campfire at
night,some little boy (about 7 years of age) suddenly asked everyone"s attention.
Turned out, he wanted to tell them all about life on Mars, about its
inhabitants and their flights to earth," shares one of the witnesses.
Silence followed. It was incredible! The little boy with gigantic
lively eyeswas about to tell a magnificent story about the Martian civilization,
aboutmegalithic cities, their spaceships and flights to various planets,
about a wonderful country Lemuria, life of which he knew in details since he
happened to descend there from Mars, had friends there.  More >

 On the Way to ETiPedia0 comments
picture14 Mar 2008 @ 16:13
I've got some very interesting file (the author unknown) which could be named Alien Mini-Encyclopedia (20 pages), where are put 56 entries describing various galactic (and terrestrial) sentient entities known so far (This work on systematization of ET descriptions was done, reportedly, back in mid-90s, so cannot be full - for example, there are no special entries in it on Andromedans and Arcturians - prominent ETs, as you know :-)). Economizing on space, I put only the introduction part of the file here and the list of extraterrestrials described. (If anyone feels like getting the full text, I can provide it 'with pleasure'.)  More >

 UFO-related News from Russia7 comments
picture25 Feb 2008 @ 18:25

In Russia’s Perm Krai (Perm region) a first national ufology conservation area is being prepared for opening. The central area of the so-called "anoumalous Molebsk triangle" is to include a hotel, several cottages, 'abnormal' paths and an observatory. Plans for the mystic zone’s upgrading were shared by one of Perm’s amateur ufologists.  More >