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 First UFO Museum in Ukraine to Open Soon0 comments
picture10 Mar 2008 @ 18:13
ETs to Get Residence Permit in Kharkov, Ukraine

The Ukrainian weekly Pravda Ukrainy (The Truth of Ukraine) reports that a first ufology museum in Ukraine is being prepared for launch in the city of Kharkov (East Ukraine) in the premises of the city’s planetarium. The exposition existing in there dedicated to the cosmic matters, which was created back in the Soviet era, has long become obsolete. Cosmonauts’ autographs and personal belongings are of little interest to visitors nowadays. Therefore, a decision to open a first Ukrainian UFO museum with figures of ETs (made out of ash, garbage, adhesive tape, plastic bottles, wire, and egg-trays) and unique exhibits has been made. Involved with the project artist Igor Bereziuk claims to be of Alpha Centauri origin himself. He believes that ETs are real and capable of thinking, talking and reproducing activities. He has almost finished a “mighty” ET, named ‘Rodin’ (famous sculptor??).

The director of the planetarium Galina Zhelezniak has been studying anomalous phenomena for 25 years; she writes books and collects witness evidence on encounters with ETs. She has over 100 exhibits in her collection – like small stones and iron debris – still, she contends that they are of extreme value and not fully studied as yet. She doesn’t doubt other planets’ dwellers existence.

The UFO museum is slated to have been opened in late March, on the planetarium’s “birthday”. Along with common guides, a robotic ‘guy’, delivered from America, will be talking about galaxies’ mysteries. For the time being, It speaks only English, so they already are seeking a human interpreter for It.

(Based on an article in “Pravda Ukrainy” weekly from March 6, 2008.)  More >

 Recent UFO Sighting in Ukraine 6 comments
picture3 Mar 2008 @ 20:27
In late January of the current year, during half an hour time, in some Kiev’s district people were watching “something” which, according to them, could have been an UFO, Kiev’s newspaper Segodnia (Today) recently reported.

The witnesses claim that high up in the sky a bright orange point with a black smoke column over it was glowing. After a while, the “point” widened and then turned into a big orange ball which zigzagged from one side to another eventually having disappeared.

“After some time, two balls appeared, one after another. Something happened with the last one,” Grigoriy Zayets, deputy director of the Organic Chemistry Institute, who became witness of the unusual phenomenon and took a picture of it, reports. According to Zayets, the strange ball, having hung around in the sky, divided in two smaller balls and, as it were, “exploded” leaving a smoky trail after it.

In a commentary, Secretary of the Research Center for Anomalous Phenomena Artem Bilyk reports that UFOs of extraterrestrial origin visit Kiev up to ten times a year, and Ukraine, according to witnesses’ words, some 30 times per year.

In 2006 for instance, in Kiev UFOs hanged over two different city districts, and some day in October 2006 over Kiev-Pechery Lavra (a local Christian shrine) witnesses counted up a whole slew of 30 “flying balls”.

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