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Fellows, Brothers and Sisters, here are some information about internet sites where you can find the reads & services of teachers &/or masters.

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category picture25 Jan 2016 @ 11:19
Good day to all you freethinkers or Seekers of knowledge, truth, wisdom!
It is now a time for a gathering, Dear Ones, as the Earth proceeds through the new phase in its history. A New Consciousness—by a New Humanity, in a New Earth—is rapidly arising. We are fast proceeding through what Tailhard De Chardin referred to as the ‘noosphere’, the sphere of higher knowledge and awareness. The long phase of fixation to the biosphere is now fading fast from the historical canvass, as the noosphere arises in a meteoric ascent to glory. In this new phase arising, the ‘Christ Consciousness’ will become the dominant organizing force behind everything else, knowledge included.  More >

category picture21 Aug 2015 @ 03:35
Divine Light is in so much surplus today, as it is truly the Age of Light. So allow me, humble messenger & Initiate of a certain degree, teacher & volunteer in Master El Morya’s ashram, to shed light on the Light and its diverse uses.  More >

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

Magandang araw! Good day!

Mobile implants! Fixed implants! Mechanical implants! Enough to cause a burst of expletives, isn’t it? Let this Melchizedek, teacher-messenger & volunteer in the Ashram of El Morya, share notes on the subject. I will treat each implant separately, so bear with me a bit as the subjects are very important, besides they cause thrill & chill.

It was upon my graduation to Arhat (4th Degree) in late 2008 that I came to perceive of implants embedded in the subtle bodies of persons I communicate with, notably those of Aspirants to the Path. I also learned to do surgical operations to remove them, as I gained access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment in the etheric plane. My own embeds, if ever, were already removed by my Mahatma Guides prior to my graduation from 4th Initiation, so I was the least worried about them.

First of all, please note that the term ‘etheric embed’ refers only to your etheric body of today, not your etheric bodies in previous lives (they’ve already died along with your past biophysical bodies). The very purpose of implants is to render you easily identifiable by Evil Masters in the astral regions, parts of the etheric plane, and as high as the mental plane (3rd plane) where Ahriman & fallen angels are niched. Once identified and marked, the Light and prana from you will be sucked by the Evil Ones. Formerly Initiates of Light, the Evil Ones have lost that supply of Light from Above as they were automatically cut off from their own respective LightBody (Christ body), and so they remedy the situation by using you as a supplier of the Light.

Across the decades of your existence, you’ve encountered so many dubious beings in the astral plane as you go there every night. Those encounters alone could have been enough to embed implants in you. Then, you also encounter persons down the ground, in your social intercourse, who may unconsciously gift you with the mobile embeds, as their respective astral and etheric bodies are cracked (wounded), thus allowing mobile embeds to flow out of them to new host bodies.

Mobile implants are the first line of identification embeds. They are shaped like a worm with the dozens of feet like unto a centipede. A worm implant traverses space (cruises the astral space), sticks up to your subtle bodies, and then bores a hole through. Then it crawls through your body (astral & etheric, not the physical), till it finds a place to niche awhile. It is luminous, thus rendering it very visible by evil operators including evil aliens.

The worm implants would then multiply, as other such worms will traverse the astral space and join their coteries (by instinct they sense their own kind). No matter how hardly covered your lower subtle bodies are, worms can effectively bore through, thus creating wounds in both your astral and etheric bodies. Certain pretender ‘starseeds’ and ‘lightworkers’ in social networks, who are actively engaged in the sites, possess too many of these worms that swarm their etheric bodies as well as their bedrooms’ astral spaces.

Once your etheric & astral bodies are cracked, the minimal Light supply of a mortal—supplied downwards from above via the dextrose-sized diameter of silver cord, the Light and prana that flow out attract discarnates and demons (fallen elementals) who obsess you (stick to your subtle bodies as their homes). You become vulnerable to ailments inclusive of cancer and bacterial infections so easily as your Light is so little.

You also exude emotional and social instability, or exhibit psychological pathologies. Through such cracks, Evil Ones can try to control your mind by first controlling your subtle bodies. In case you give in to the relentless psychic attacks, started via worms alone, then your mental energies and mental matter will crumble, degenerate, making you then a puppet of the Evil Masters. Many of the schizophrenics who get in and out of psychiatric wards, are shorn of mental matter and energies, rendering them complete puppets by Evil Ones.

Well, the Evil Masters who perceive the obsession of you by ‘small time’ operators (incubus/succubus, demons) will also partake of the feast, direct their thoughts on you, and they’d have a steady supply of your Light & prana no matter how diminutive. An Evil Master, to note, sucks the Light & prana out of thousands of victims so easy to identify as they have implants with them. The mobile implants are like mobile flashlights to an Evil Master who may find it so delightful to behold.

Those who sought my chelaship, who were exposed to humungous New Age experiences first (shamanic healing, crystals workshops, healing workshops, eco-advocacy circles, etc), were not surprisingly the highest carriers or vectors of the worm implants. Not even if one of them has the ridiculous ‘orgone’ or related protection devices, for unless a chela had her subtle bodies be healed and closed—by me, incidentally, as they are among my services to chelas—those New Age devices will be of no use against mobile implants. It only takes me a single meditation scan on a chela to find out whether worms abound in his/her ‘system’, and the sight of even just a single worm is enough for me to realize hundreds of such worms in the person.

Among the many ways for mobile worm implants to be embedded in your are as follows:
• Reading books authored by New Age writers or False Prophets. Such books are codes for Evil Ones to spray your astral way with armies of worms!
• Listening to radio programs by astrologers, fortune tellers, psychic readers. Just tuning in for 10 minutes can already alert the worms in the radio station’s astral spaces, which then traverse the short space to you [astral space is shortened by such attunements].
• Watching television programs of the same role players as above. From out of the tv screen’s astral space will come out worms that will directly bore through the watcher’s astral body till it gets deeper through the etheric body.
• Seminar talk or church sermons by persons who are carriers of the implants. This is already face-to-face encounter, an invitation to attacks by armies of worms.
• Visiting the websites of New Age practitioners, + blogs. These sites are often protected by Moloch himself, save for other sites that are dedicated resonators for other evil masters.
• Social network interactions. A carrier of the worms can gift you with a worm just by sending you a private or open message. That single worm will attract an army of worms to join it.
• Cellphone text message sent by a carrier can instantly gift you with a worm. Of course, the single worm will attract a worm army to follow suit.

Well, suffice me to identify a short list of implantation ways. Remember, the worm implants itself with no hands needed to surgically place it inside of you. We still have “several miles to go” to shift to 5th Density Earth. Let me conclude this briefer at this point, as I will elaborate on the other implants later.

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The use of folklore as potent tools for learning is practically accepted in the entire ASEAN region. Below is an example of a human development effort in Malaysia in substantiation of the folklore as learning tool.  More >

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Fellows, Brothers and Sisters, here are some information about internet sites where you can find the reads & services of teachers &/or masters.

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category picture30 Jul 2011 @ 06:37
Clientelism—the politics of patronage and spoils—persists in many developing countries. My own region, the ASEAN, hasn’t clearly built stronger institutions and modern political culture that can undercut and eliminate clientelism once and for all.  More >

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From the purview of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom, let me add more reflections on the channeling phenomenon. I will focus this time on channelers as mediums of animal spirits.

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How far the G8 can carve out new development arrangements that can re-secure their hold of the said regions is surely in question. Emerging markets that are purse-rich are now much engaged in North Africa and the Middle East, rendering them as alternative orbits for dependence in case the newly installed Arab regimes will lose the old ‘chocolate bar sweeteners’ of aid and investments from their Western masters.
Below is an update report from the DevEx regarding the G8 contingency steps being taken for the Arab states.  More >

category picture5 Jul 2011 @ 22:04
In previous articles, this analyst articulated on Chinese bullying of its neighbors over disputed territories and the rise of the ultranationalists within the Chinese state and communist party. I will add the matter of ‘blue water’ navy to the discussions, as the ultranationalists are now working triple time to transform China into a naval power.  More >

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