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 THY WILL BE DONE0 comments
category picture18 Sep 2014 @ 10:29
Hopelessness, alienation, despair are the common affective theme of the day. Such a hopelessness, saps one’s own will-to-ascend, lead to further fragmentation and disorder, nay leave to self-annihilation through drug addiction and suicide. But not all people on Terra today are the harbingers of hopelessness, as many yet are those positive humans who are exemplars of hope, optimism, enlightened will.  More >

category picture12 Sep 2014 @ 09:11
Governance has come a long way since the first races of humans. We have shifted from kingship to republics, with experimentations on them done in classical Greece (democracy) and Rome (republic). Kingships that remained were to gel with republican democracies, with monarchs performing ceremonial powers and elected politicians mandated with executive powers.  More >

 THE SUN OUR KIN0 comments
category picture3 Sep 2014 @ 09:23
My poetic lines signify the optimistic side to the sun or Sol. I have always regarded Sol in a very positive light, despite the hours of the day when the sun’s rays could be burning hot. I’ve been experiencing this a long time, being a habitué of the tropics (the Philippines is just a few degrees latitude north of the equator).  More >

category picture26 Aug 2014 @ 10:01
A literary piece serving as testament of longings for my own Twinflame. I have been seeing visions of my Twinflame since age 18 yet, and for decades she provided sublime company in my journey. Until around the early 90s, as a middle aged man and mystic, did I find out that my dearest Beloved had ascended spiritually and is in fact a Christed One.  More >

category picture18 Aug 2014 @ 07:42
Orion domination of Earth since the time of invasion 500,000 years ago yet, had resulted to enormous gaps between rich and poor. The highly asymmetric relationship between upper and lower classes had generated psychosocial disorder conditions in no small measures across time.  More >

category picture12 Aug 2014 @ 09:14
From swamp to farm, from wasteland to production enclave, from nature’s ruins to citadels of life is the theme of the new life that was breathed into the swampy area of Candaba, a town in Pampanga province, to the north of Manila.  More >

category picture5 Aug 2014 @ 13:10
Summary executions by vigilantes and police/military agents abound across the planet. I tried to capture this rather gory and cryptic fact via the poem above.

Such narratives of ‘cadavers’ biography’ are testaments of the evil impact of prolonged Orion-Draconian or Saurian cold bloodedness on Terrans. Cold blooded killings are authentic manifestations of cold blooded behavior of reptilians, so the prevalence of cold blooded killings across the planet is a prima facie evidence of the genetic breeding by Orions & Draconians of our primordial Terrans.  More >

 WHY NOT HUMILITY?2 comments
category picture30 Jul 2014 @ 08:00
Being an islander in Asia, born a Filipino, I was taught humility as a sublime virtue. As I grew up, I found out that humility is a cross-cultural virtue, taught by sages and gurus of the Teaching. As a lad, I had great love for erudite yet humble persons, and had deep scorn for braggarts and arrogant persons.  More >

category picture13 Jul 2014 @ 07:01
The Law of Reciprocity posits: “Do for others what you want them to do for you.” A sacrosanct low in all spheres of existence, it is fully substantiated in the conduct of devotion.  More >

 ON RETIREMENT0 comments
category picture11 Mar 2014 @ 13:06
We live in a world of ‘rat race’, working in order to gain money and ensue with daily survival. After decades of laboring, work itself becomes a drudgery rather than a matter of joy as we ought to be living a life as co-creator of the Almighty Providence. At the age of late middle age, the ‘retirement syndrome’ seeps through the psyche, sapping the energies and morale of the person.  More >

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