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category picture20 Dec 2014 @ 10:31
The causality of crimes is a tough science, and I do recall during my collegiate years as a sociology student the exciting yet tough readings on criminality and deviance. What I learned from modern sociology is the law that social context determines consciouness (ideas, thought, values, philosophy). Thoughts about crimes, and the actual occurrences of crimes, are therefore products of the context of a 3rd dimensional reality, fusing sociology and the Teaching.  More >

category picture14 Dec 2014 @ 07:11
A poetic piece meant to disturb readers a bit, to make them reflect, and enable them to examine the presuppositions behind their thoughts. If one is able to do so all the time, then one is just a step away from the meditative state whence presuppositions fly away like dusts in the wind. In a presuppositionless state, visual apperception of higher levels of reality is possible.  More >

category picture25 Nov 2014 @ 09:25
Illumination, enlightenment, the state akin to bliss brought upon by descent unto one’s faculties of higher knowledge, wisdom, inspiration. Those who are in the Path of moksha (liberation), who most honestly put their minds and hearts at learning higher levels of knowledge, likewise take the necessary steps to get there, through conscientious studies, observation, and related processes.  More >

category picture12 Nov 2014 @ 06:09
Synchronicity is distinguished from Causality, and one should develop the wisdom to know when to explicate a phenomenon through synchronicity rather than causality. Causality stipulates independent variables X1, X2, up to Xn possibly leading to a dependent variable Y, mathematicized as Y=fn(Xi). Synchronicity regards both X and Y as coincidentally happening, not as one causing the other.  More >

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category picture2 Nov 2014 @ 08:41
What better mood to start the day than to commence it with joyfulness and cheerfulness. Unless that you’re suffering from mood disorder, or neurosis, or personality disorder, you cannot relate to what I’m genuflecting on: a meditative morning full of joy.  More >

category picture29 Oct 2014 @ 06:50
Regular cleansing of your subtle and physical bodies is a constitutive part of the Teaching. Clean bodies will allow for smoother flow of divine energies down your ‘lower systems’ and ensure greater balance of all of your bodies—biophysical, astral-etheric, mental, causal, soul/nirvanic, paranirvanic, monadic.  More >

 SUMMER’S DAY0 comments
category picture21 Oct 2014 @ 09:57
Light—physical light—manifests enormous healing powers. This thesis is what is stressed in the poem I writ above. I was already a yogi then, and I have studied the healing powers of light. I recall John Ott’s book Light Therapy as a synthetic reference for studying such healing qualities (the book was among my collections when I wrote this poem).  More >

category picture9 Oct 2014 @ 09:56
This poetic piece is meant to inspire myself then to never let learned crafts become dormant or dead due to misuse. Crafts are of significant import to a person’s development, and perfecting certain crafts or professions are requisites to spiritual development.  More >

 COME TEMPEST!0 comments
category picture2 Oct 2014 @ 06:56
One of my literary pieces writ in the platform of ‘literature of power’, this one is meant to inspire those who experience storm & stress every now and then. Such existential storms could make one experience devastation, and if not managed well such a low-rung state could lead to vicious cycles of depression.  More >

category picture26 Sep 2014 @ 09:29
‘Prometheus in academia’ signifies the mystic who, though still challenged to rise above the surplus Desire (signified by Prometheus tied on a rock, continuously consumed by a vulture), chooses to base in the academe. Many of us would-be White Robes did choose this platform for spreading higher Light, an experience that I found very fulfilling.  More >

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