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22 Apr 2002 @ 16:47, by John Finn

The need for an investigation of the events surrounding September 11 is as obvious as is the need for an investigation of the Enron debacle. Certainly, if the American people deserve answers about what went wrong with Enron and why (and we do), then we deserve to know what went wrong on September 11 and why.

Are we squandering our goodwill around the world with what many believe to be incoherent, warmongering policies that alienate our friends and antagonize our allies? How much of a role does our reliance on imported oil play in the military policies being put forward by the Bush Administration? And what role does the close relationship between the Bush Administration and the oil and defense industries play, if any, in the policies that are currently being pursued by this Administration?

We deserve to know what went wrong on September 11 and why. After all, we hold thorough public inquiries into rail disasters, plane crashes, and even natural disasters in order to understand what happened and to prevent them from happening again or minimizing the tragic effects when they do. Why then does the Administration remain steadfast in its opposition to an investigation into the biggest terrorism attack upon our nation?

News reports from Der Spiegel to the London Observer, from the Los Angeles Times to MSNBC to CNN, indicate that many different warnings were received by the Administration. In addition, it has even been reported that the United States government broke bin Laden's secure communications before September 11. Sadly, the United States government is being sued today by survivors of the Embassy bombings because, from court reports, it appears clear that the US had received prior warnings, but did little to secure and protect the staff at our embassies.

Did the same thing happen to us again?

I am not aware of any evidence showing that President Bush or members of his administration have personally profited from the attacks of 9-11. A complete investigation might reveal that to be the case. For example, it is known that President Bush's father, through the Carlyle Group had - at the time of the attacks - joint business interests with the bin Laden construction company and many defense industry holdings, the stocks of which, have soared since September 11.

On the other hand, what is undeniable is that corporations close to the Administration, have directly benefited from the increased defense spending arising from the aftermath of September 11. The Carlyle Group, DynCorp, and Halliburton certainly stand out as companies close to this Administration. Secretary Rumsfeld maintained in a hearing before Congress that we can afford the new spending, even though the request for more defense spending is the highest increase in twenty years and the Pentagon has lost $2.3 trillion.

All the American people are being asked to make sacrifices. Our young men and women in the military are being asked to risk their lives in our War Against Terrorism while our President's first act was to sign an executive order denying them high deployment overtime pay. The American people are being asked to make sacrifices by bearing massive budget cuts in the social welfare of our country, in the areas of health care, social security, and civil liberties for our enhanced military and security needs arising from the events of September 11; it is imperative that they know fully why we make the sacrifices. If the Secretary of Defense tells us that his new military objectives must be to occupy foreign capital cities and overthrow regimes, then the American people must know why. It should be easy for this Administration to explain fully to the American people in a thorough and methodical way why we are being asked to make these sacrifices and if, indeed, these sacrifices will make us more secure. If the Administration cannot articulate these answers to the American people, then the Congress must.

This is not a time for closed-door meetings and this is not a time for se crecy. America's credibility, both with the world and with her own people, rests upon securing credible answers to these questions. The world is teetering on the brink of conflicts while the Administration's policies are vague, wavering and unclear. Major financial conflicts of interest involving the President, the Attorney General, the Vice President and others in the Administration have been and continue to be exposed.

This is a time for leadership and judgment that is not compromised in any fashion. This is a time for transparency and a thorough investigation.

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23 Apr 2002 @ 01:40 by jazzolog : Cross-Referencing Our Opposition
I had put up a link to this article, in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, last week over at jazzoLOG ("More on McKinney" within Al Gore Starts It Rolling) but I'll add that folks now can come over here to read the whole statement. She supposedly spoke at the big demonstration in Washington this past weekend, but I haven't seen any coverage of it yet.  

23 Apr 2002 @ 14:50 by finny : Cross Referencing
Jazz, we meet yet again. I am accutely aware that I may be posting stuff that is already in someone's newslog as I haven't read everybody's. Guess this will happen! Thanks for making use of my full posting of her message.  

23 Apr 2002 @ 14:59 by sharie : Self-Destruction
Thank you for the article. We don't have a democracy in this country. Our public finances are controlled by corporate agendas, the primary directive is to pocket money for themselves. Why we allow our government officials to own stock in companies that make weapons of war I'll never understand. Talk about Conflict of Interest.  

23 Apr 2002 @ 16:53 by jazzolog : Big Boom for the Buck
Sounds like our officials have an Interest in Conflict, even COLLECT Interest from Conflict!  

25 Apr 2002 @ 02:44 by jazzolog : Finny Rhymes With McKinney
I think you'll like this reaction to Bush's kneejerk backlash against Representative McKinney:  

25 Apr 2002 @ 03:30 by finny : finny ryhme
cheers Jazz!  

25 Apr 2002 @ 12:17 by vaxen : Oh yeah jazzo:
good article. thanks jazzo. "There will be Hell to pay!" indeed so!  

3 Apr 2006 @ 04:47 by RUSSELL BOUNDS @ : congresswoman
I think congresswoman Mckinney should be arrested for her crime and put out of office.  

4 Apr 2006 @ 04:36 by Robert Harbison @ : Arrest is in order
She should be arrested for her crime. The officer did their job! She is the one that went around the security check point. Just because she is a black poltician doesn't give her the right to do what she wants to! Black or White you follow the law. I am so tired of the blacks screaming racism when they get in trouble.  

4 Apr 2006 @ 05:18 by Kendog @ : Criminal
Get out of the civilized world.... You aint. You are dispicable. Frankly you represent the worst in humankind. Keep representing your people down the drain because that is where you've taken them and that is where they are going. How is it that every other race has been able to overcome. Martin said we shall overcome. You haven't becuase of YOU. You are fools.  

5 Apr 2006 @ 00:50 by Greg A. Workman @ : Slapping A policeman
I have heard for the last several days as to how you attempted to go around a check point at the capitol without the proper ID, and when stopped you slapped a Security Guard, and now claim it is racial profiling. What a brazzen stupid act on your part. If wasn't because you are negro, it is because you think that every one should know who you are and kiss your ass as you go through the halls of the life and should they (heaven Forbid) not how exhaulted you are is a biggot; race monger. I had voted Demo' since my grandfather introduced me to Harry Truman in the '60s> You and the theaving bunch that is there today are not my party and won't be until you stop pandering to any body that fits the present "needs" and not the long term good of the country.  

5 Apr 2006 @ 08:07 by Carol @ : Racial Profiling As Usual
Here we go again,Congresswoman Mckinney did nothing wrong she was just reacting to inappropriate touching. RIGHT....It does not matter who she is - her actions against an officer who was just doing his job should be punished and I do not mean lightly. If something had happened in that building because the officer was not checking people as he/she should then guess who would have taken the heat??? All lawmakers, staffers and visitors that come into that building have a responsibility to cooperate fully and obey the Capitol Police. She is and always has been a racist - every article she had in the Atlanta newspapers spewed forth her opinions of what everyone else was doing to her African-American people. No responsibility for their actions are expected and yet the white people have done everything they can to hold them back and that is why she fights for their rights. However, she and her lawyers have said that a series of confrontations between McKinney and U.S. Capitol and White House law enforcement officers who don't recognize her points to a pattern, wow can they ALL be wrong by the Congresswoman?

Please do us all a favor, press the maximum criminal charges possible on the congresswoman so she finally understands the actions in which she appears to make a habit of will not be tolerated. And she should not be allowed to serve anymore period. Then by all means commend the Capitol Police for their professionalism and recognize the challenge of protecting the Capitol campus from terrorism, other threats and people like congresswoman McKinney while keeping it open to tourists.

This is a perfect case as my grandmother would say of someone who has gotten too big for their britches!  

5 Apr 2006 @ 23:30 by Steve Leyndyke @ : Cynthia McKenney
Cynthia McKenney’s conduct in the wake of her incident with Capitol Police has been and continues to be abysmal. Racial profiling, hair style change or not (whatever) it’s the duty of all United States Citizens to obey police officers. Most importantly Congress Members should set the good example. It is especially important that, at a time when Democrats are trying to re-take control of the US House of Representatives that Democrats behave in a way that shows they’re responsible and able to take on the responsibility. I am a life long Democrat and am appalled by her actions.  

6 Apr 2006 @ 01:32 by CL Brumfield @ : Cynthia McKenney
It is apparent the MS McKenney is a racist, she has no personal responsibility for anything. She seems to think that she is more important than she is. It was amazing to see her wagging her finger at Solidad O'Brian this morning and telling her not to interupt her when she wouldn't answer the question asked.She seems to think that she is charge of everything and everyone should cater to her. She is a discrace to her race, it is diplorable to see how she is trying to play the race card instead of just owning up to the fact that she was flat out wrong and her behavior was completely out of line.  

6 Apr 2006 @ 21:21 by Michael @ : McKenney
As Rep. McKenney stares at a felony indictment for attacking a police officer, it is almost funny to hear her "apology", when it is no apology at all. Her handlers (attorneys and/or democrat party hacks) have decided to have her appear contrite and hope that whatever deference her race entitles her to will be sufficient to make this go away. She deserves to face a trial for her actions and if convicted, be removed from office.  

11 Apr 2006 @ 05:24 by Carol @ : Should Illegal Immigrants Have Rights??
The US has given and continues to give too much, we are constantly GIVING to everyone and just about every country. We can no longer afford to fight everyone elses war, forgive debts and rebuild places that have been destroyed by war. I truly believe the Middle East will never quit fighting amongst themselves and will never really appreciate what we have given for them. It is like so many of the African Americans will not let the past be the past, everything seems to end up being a race issue. Our government/employees can't seem to keep these people from walking right into the US. We are so laughable that these people are often here for many years illegally, yet we cannot keep track of them and most we cannot even find. Some of these people are here taking advantage of us while all the while intending to set a plan in action, catch us off-guard and cause the worst kind of danger and agony they can inflict on our families, cities and states. To quote one immigrant, "We love this country. This country gives to us everything," said Florentino Cruz, 32, an illegal worker from Mexico who has been in the United States since 1992. We give everything and get what in return? We have added Spanish to just about everything I can think of, hired extra teachers with our tax dollars to help the children learn English so they can function in our classrooms, extra attention is also given to them because of the "No Child Left Behind" requirements. They need so much attention in fact, that money is given towards their needs as our children usually have cuts made in technology, arts and libraries, because of the shortage of money given to the schools the past few years. They have access to the free/reduced lunches,live many to a house or apartment often causing problems for their neighbors. They get access to health care, many are having children while we pay the tab for the hospital, doctors, supplies, etc.
Has anyone noticed how hard it is to make a living anymore, how many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck? The airlines and auto companies are in trouble,new jobs usually do not pay well or offer the benefits we need. Middle Class people are getting downsized,everything they have worked for is taken away,pensions, social security, insurance, etc. can no longer be counted on to be there after we have worked on average about 50 years, gone are the days where moms can stay home, families have a network of support and good ol dad retires after 30 years with his pension, savings, social security and often insurance all wrapped up in a tidy little package.

I can understand wanting to come to the US for a better life, but I want a better life without the constant struggling, higher gas prices, higher taxes, constant increases in utilities, companies that are top heavy and all the "big guys" take off with huge packages and leave us with no raises or raises that often do not keep up with the cost of living, then they want pay cuts, reduction in benefits, houses and cars that are getting too expensive, interest rates that are sky high and savings interest that is about the same as putting your money under a mattress. I could go on and on. We need to make the drastic decision to close the borders and stop allowing our jobs to be out sourced to other countries, at least until the President and his cronies can figure out how to fix the damage all these years of helping everyone else has done to the average American family. The gap between the haves and the have nots has grown to unbelievable porportions and the "legal" American families are in desparate need of someone to hear them and give emergency intervention and help in order for them to survive. So many families have fallen apart, lost everything and cannot seem to find a way to did out of the hole they have fallen into. Most of all they cannot find anyone who will listen, who cares and who can step in and make the changes necessary to turn things around for those that are doing what they are suposed to, yet barely have their head above water anymore. The recent movie "Fun With Dick and Jane told a sad, but often true story that one is not sure if they should laugh or cry. I guess it depends on how much of your life you see in the movie. I want my children to have a decent life, but with the challenges we are faced with daily anymore our lives are worse than our parents and it looks more discouraging everyday what our children will be up against just to get by and how they will live.

Our government needs to take a stand that you cannot break our laws to come here, illegal is illegal. Taxpayers are fed up and we want the illegal immigration stopped and the borders secured. Then make a new law that when immigrants come to the United States LEGALLY they MUST do so by our rules, starting with we speak English, therefore you must too, so learn it, preferably before you plan on making the trip here, no special arrangements or option 1 or 2 will be offered. No extra classes or teachers for your children. Those changes alone would save the American people a fortune. I seriously doubt any other country would welcome us to settle there and translate everything they have into English for us. Who was it that determined the Americans in the United States should accomodate other languages?

If you do arrive illegally - you are caught and immediately sent back to wherever you came from. Gone are the days you can remain here to get lost and make a life at our expense, send your money home and then arrange for others to come on over and do the same.

In closing, the jobs you take are not always the jobs no one here wants. So many people have lost jobs and have started looking for handyman type jobs. I know many people who have construction and painting business's as their source of income. Guess who cost less? Guess who will get the job?  

25 Apr 2006 @ 01:54 by Irrelevant @ : Cynthia McKenney vs White Establishment
I am sick and tired of the hatred and bigotry that White people display in this country. It is still a Black and White thing ... I read the comments that people made on this site and I will bet that 99.9% of the comments are from White people, Christian and Republican. It is very sad to me that whenever someone that is Black, makes a mistake or does anything that is not in favor of the White majority it becomes a media circus. For instance when your boy Newt was caught having an affair after he badgered Clinton, the media gave it very little coverage. You have already found Ms. McKenney guilty because she speaks out against the establishment. You love to relish on the faults of African Americans. This country is in serious trouble and going down the tube fast with the current administration and all you have time to do is bagger Cynthia McKenney. All of you self righteous so called, Christians are going to be held accountable for all the hatred and bigotry that you and your forefathers have displayed in the name of Christ and politics. There is still a God that you have to answer to one day. I pray you turn from your wicked ways.
We as Americans should be coming together to stand up for the political circus that is going on in Washington from this current administration, the economy is in shambles, most of you are guilty of hiring illegal aliens, voting for this administration and you have not stop being racist and your past is who you are, and what you are now. You White people are the ones who never let the past go. African Americans have been in this country for over 400 years and built this country for free. You take ideas from African Americans and get rich; you have been doing this for hundreds of years. White people won’t let the past go, because there is no past, the struggle is still very apparent. You White-Christian people are the reason that the illegal immigrants are here, you are the ones who hire illegal immigrants because you don’t want to pay African Americans fair wages and you still have the mentality that all African Americans are suppose to do is let you kick them in the behind and smile and say thank you sir or madam for the butt kicking. When you encounter one Black person who will stand up to you and speak out against your racist behavior… you can’t wait to let that Black person know that they are out of their place and try everything you can within your power to destroy that African American person from making a living and have gone as far as having them locked up or killed just to keep them quiet. You are a bunch of racist hypocrites. That is why this country is in trouble and until you start being honest with yourselves there is no telling what this country is going to have to endure. Yes, I said it, because this is the truth!  

19 Jun 2006 @ 14:18 by Justice @ : McKinney Assault on Law Officer
What's with the non-conviction of Congresswomen McKinney for assaulting a police officer? Perhaps because she is a woman of color?

Let me tell you that a white, middle aged patient on disability is currently on two years probation after just having served 16 days in jail and 30 days house arrest for slapping an ER nurse who emotionally and physically abused her while a patient in the emergency room!!!

Can someone explain this to me???? What is wrong with our judiscial system?

I am not a racist but there is something clearly wrong with this picture.  

15 Nov 2006 @ 18:01 by veritas @ : racist police state
the officer should be arrested for assault and racial profiling  

19 Feb 2007 @ 19:33 by doris finch @ : torture@ local for 7 hours
home phone 706548-3784  

29 Nov 2007 @ 22:13 by Army Reservist @ : Robbery on american tax payers
I was in Iraq for a year and throughout my deployment, I couldn't help but to notice how this administrations has bogus intentions. KBR is the name of one company stealing money fro American citizens. They were given no bid multi-billions contracts and I witnessed first hand how these overcharge the government and are given contracts that don't even need to exist. In addition to overcharging the people of america, these companies hire third country nationals that get paid a misery. At most, 350 dollars a month. In fact, a few friends of mine were third country nationals. Also, civilians contractors get paid about 5 times what soldiers get paid to do the same job. It is a total disgrace! I am ashamed to be serving this tyranny and corrupt politicians. The same people making decisions in washington are the same ones making huge profits in Iraq over the lives of american soldiers and Iraqi citizens. I wish there was something that I could do.  

30 Nov 2007 @ 07:26 by vaxen : There is...
Shoot the bloody f*****s! You can shoot them with words, too...
Mostly what you can do, though, is tell everyone you know! Kellogg, Brown and Root, yup, is an old hand at blackmail from a way back. Cheneys good buddies all. Halliburton linked, of course. Well...the mind controlled dupes are just that so figuring out ways and means is a challenge, I'll admit, but not without hope.

Remember this: You create your own reality so this means that you must take back your mind from the implanters who have taken over. Find out what 'scripts' are driving you to perform for "them." You'll find it all right there inside your bioelectromagneticgenomorphic fields created by you before time ever, for you, began. Good luck, bro, and thanks so much for letting us know of your experiences.

I spent nine years in that area. Can't tell you what I did or who I was working for but there is another side to the whole shebang you may not be aware of. Keep the eyes bright and the head up and for heavens sake wear your helmet and don't take your boots off when you go to sleep! Not ever! ;)  

10 Jul 2008 @ 05:45 by @ : Comparing Offenses
It was interesting to read the white racists a few posts up, go on and on about Mrs. McKinney's slap of an officier who was touching her inappropriately but made no mention of the hundreds or more thousand dead Iraqis and Afghanis and countless others who have died at the hands of white supremacist policies of the USA and occupied Palestine.

But we all know white supremacists stick together, they know nothing of being enslaved, being exploited, and being militarily occupied and oppressed but are always the first to tell everyone who has suffered those fates that they are of no concern, their ideas and pain don't matter, and all of their plights are their own fault - whites have fought hard to enslave others and keep them enslaved, after the enslaved won their freedom the whites delayed their integration for over a hundred years purposively and fought even harder to keep those freed from living out their freedom, even as they fought for over 30 years to keep the rights of colored people away from them they scream about all things wrong in this country being the fault of people of color.

Truely white people need to be put in their place, they have ruled over the rest of us for so long they feel they can not be held accountable for any of their wrong doing and only forceful action will put these wicked people in the place of humility they need so desperately, until they are intimately familiar with suffering as a group they will never see any other way of dealing with others than the deep seated arrogance that rules over their culture.

These latest wars and atrocities are merely the superficial signs of their long standing history of oppression and disregard for others. Are there a minority of whites that are good people, yes, does that excuse the rest - absolutely not.

A white person who is a good person can relate to what I'm writing because they are a good human being long before their racial profile figures into their self image, not so with the others of that race - they instead see themselves as a white person long before they see themselves as human. That's how they can kill others and blame them for their own killing, all other groups of people in the world have had a long enough history to develop out of the cry baby stages of two year old thinking, but whites haven't they are the most civilly retarded grouping of people in the world, they have less than 500 years of social power compared to thousands of years for all the other races.

They had a rapid growth through technology and the natural resources of the US but never developed the maturity to go along with it, so what they have become is a society of immature cry babies with lots of weapons and destructive firepower, a very dangerous situation for themsevles and everyone else as you can see. What is most distinctive about the whites that rule over the US and Western society is how the base side of humanity (greed, selfishness, murder, violence, irresponsiblity) are the ruling norms of the society. In most other societies, the reverse is true the society values the better side of humanity such as love, justice, compassion - while the criminal exceptions are the outcasts. In the US and western white run society, the criminal elements rule and use the law to imprison people that oppose them, you can look at the laws in this country and see which one of them get enforced to note that the only crime in this country is opposing those in power. For example, if a gang of colored people gains enough power by military force they'd be squashed as rival force but if a white gang knows how to play the game, they get elected to office and support the infrastructure and preach hate and violence against people of color and create platforms of anti-colored people like you see the US has now, blaming them for what they are made to suffer and done under a self righteous flag with pomp. All that matters is thatthe white powers that be are pleased, no better human values are ever applied and even if a white person took up the cause of the oppressed that would land them in the hole as well.  

27 Nov 2014 @ 17:55 by Lila @ : Lila
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