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21 Jan 2002 @ 15:39, by John Finn

John Finn

I had gone because my nephew and spiritual superior had talked me into it. It wasn't something I would have gone to otherwise. A bunch of people chanting and meditating together, under the auspices of a guru. I had not actually had a guru before, but I had read plenty and decided that having a guru was fine. Some gurus or is it guri, were I believed inspired by a power certainly greater than myself. Meha Baba was a man that I had read and felt inspired by his words, but despite my questing nature and my predisposition to becoming a follower, I didn't. Years spent homesteading, had grounded to some extent anyway, my 'flying boy' in a acceptance he didn't need a proxy, he could go direct to the source.

Anyway, I borrowed the three hundred dollars it cost to attend Guru Mayi's 'intensive'. A weekend event, held in a plush conference center in the heart of Auckland city. My first impression were that it was like a rock concert for the spiritually prone. Eight hundred people arrived, and we gathered with the assistance of immaculately groomed ushers, in the ballroom. Some sitting cross legged on the floor, others spread around seated on plastic chairs. The proceedings started with some personal stories and testimonials donated by several not so well known stars of literature, TV, and film. Very clean cut personalities made radiant, by their involvement with the Guru. I took a shine to the attractive blond women, who used to be in the "Mod Squad" and was married to Quinsy Jones for some years. She spoke earnestly about her checkered career, her crisis with Quinsy and then the Guru and everything improved. She spoke well, they all spoke well.

The time for the Guru to present had arrived. The lights dimmed to zero. Sitar and Indian drum commenced. Then a spotlight focused on a figure dressed in bright red seated on a throne like chair, surrounded by flowers. A chant in Sanskrit started reverberating through the thirty foot stud of the immense room. It was impressive, I didn't know the song but is sounded great and I was soon chanting my own version. We chanted for an hour. It felt good. The Guru spoke. Slowly enunciating every word carefully, almost ritualistically. She spoke impeccably, and I hardly related to anything she said. The values and moral tone were familiar, and could have been delivered from the pulpit of any Christian church. I guess I was expecting something different, something more dynamic, more mystical, less moralistic, more radical, more interesting. Guru Mayi was impeccable, she presented impressively, from her 'Vogue' like appearance to her perfectly modulated voice.

We chanted, danced, meditated, and did yogi. At one stage in the proceedings eight hundred people chanted OM, that was memorable, almost sublime. I felt good, but my mental state was deteriorating. The 'choreographic' posture of the event was annoying me. My mind toyed with the fantasy that if Jesus returned perhaps this would be what it would be like. Fading lights and music, high tech sounds systems, polished 'curtain raisers', impressive accompanying acts, body guards, merchandising which included $1200 photos (of the guru) and multi thousand dollar jewelry. All this for only an investment of $300.

During a break on the second day I met an acquaintance in the men's toilets. We eyed each other sheepishly. "Well, fancy meeting you, here!". He was a Marist brother. "Yeah, thought I would check this thing out, see what it was like". I concurred. He thought that it was harmless enough, but really couldn't see what the fuss was about. I agreed.

Is was the last chant of the last day. I was thinking thank God for that, it had been nice, not profound and not worth $300. It would be good when I could go. I had placed myself on a chair, having spent all the preceding time, semi lotus on the floor. My body was aching somewhat. The new position I had chosen was more accessible to observe the guru, which I was doing whilst trying to pronounce the words of the chant. She was swaying back and forth, eyes closed. Grooving on the chant. She looked stunning, very sexy. I allowed myself to feel what was probably not PC in this company; sexual attraction. Allowed be damned, what was arising in me was beyond my control. All I did was not engage in the internal debating society, much. I was thinking tantric, and fantasizing what it might be like to join sexually with the guru. Soon I started to groove, swaying and making sounds in tune with the chant. All the time eyes fixed on the guru. Marinating in her beauty, and my feeling and thoughts of physical union. It was interesting that my thoughts and feeling were not contracted, nor was there any sense of compulsion. The guru was divinely sexual and I was meeting her there, that's my story, anyway.

So. She's grooving. I'm grooving, intensely focused on her. Looking at her face and her closed eyes. Then, to my absolute surprise and enduring mystification, from her forehead came a stream of blue light heading straight for me. This light hit me, entered me in the stomach area. It all happened in a second or two. I doubled over in a sort of ecstatic pain and fell onto the floor. The feeling was like nothing I had felt before. To say that it was like a prolonged whole body orgasm, perhaps doesn't say much, as I don't know what I am talking about. It was pain exquisite pain. Sharp and penetrating. Blissful, yet dynamic. All I was able to contemplate was WOW!. Then slowly perhaps after twenty minutes or ten, I don't really know, thoughts entered my consciousness. 'I could dwell here!'. 'I'm enlightened, this is what it is like!'. 'This may never end!'. 'What the fuck happened!'. 'This is real, but how can that be!'. 'I'm lying on the floor, in the fetal position!'. 'Is there anybody looking at me!'. 'Who cares!'. 'I don't want this to stop!'. Thoughts streamed in. About the time that I was thinking this experience might mean that I have to go to India and spend the rest of my life prostrate before the guru's feet. I started to get a grip. The intense feelings had subsided and I began to look around. In fact nobody appeared to be taking any notice of me. Like a drunk, I arose from the floor and placed myself back in the chair. I was inundated with notions of what this might mean, none of them seeming real. The guru was still swaying and chanting, radiantly beautiful. My gaze reinstated to her amazing presence. I wondered whether she knew what happened. The chant ended. The lights came up. I looked around to see if anybody was observing me. Nobody was.

For the last part of the workshop the guru sat while people one at a time walked up to her. She would touch them with a peacock feather as a blessing. I was too stunned to move so I sat and watched as she worked, smiling and exchanging words with her adoring devotees and interested others. Probably I sat there for an hour or so. The line waiting for a blessing was now quite small. I joined it. My turn came, I was still somewhat spaced out. I looked into her eyes as she touched me with the peacock feather. Probably I looked a bit besotted, she smiled. I looked deeper hoping for her give some sign of acknowledgement for what had just happened to me. She didn't.

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22 Jan 2002 @ 02:08 by istvan : Shaktipat
The shaktipat was free. The 300 bucks was for the circus. Gurus sometimes crate a big show otherwise nobody would show up.  

22 Jan 2002 @ 02:15 by finny : Shaktipat
That's good to know, Zen!  

22 Jan 2002 @ 05:06 by istvan : ShPa  

13 Mar 2002 @ 07:59 by jazzolog : What Do I Want?
The experience of shaktipat is so wonderful to me I'd never miss a chance to be in it. It is a moment of the most intense communication on earth with another human being. Sometimes one feels one is in another world. There are precise neuropsychological explanations and measurements for everything that happens, I'm sure. There is at least a bump of heightened awareness, surely, in receiving a gift of some kind from a holy or more realized person. Essentially, it seems, there always is an instant in which you can ask your question or seek a connection, and if you are ready, it will happen. Each time one experiences shaktipat one can become more ready for the next time. It's not limited to gurus either, or to lamas; in a way Christian communion is shaktipat. Be open for this grace---and if you're blown away, enjoy the trip.  

5 Jun 2004 @ 12:06 by Avinash Rawal @ : Please help me
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I shall be great full if you could help me out and
Remove all blockages. Please let me know if you can
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16 Feb 2005 @ 13:41 by image @ : No Smile
i want to say just go to that URL  

22 Feb 2005 @ 17:54 by Diana @ : very cute story
I am glad you got your money's worth and it sounds like you did! Brave you for going when you were only curious!

Have a blessed life!

4 Mar 2008 @ 22:25 by Almost God @ : Difference between shaktipat and diksha
Shaktipat is free while diksha cost $2000.oo dollars or more depending on how stupid one is. When one finish the diksha course he is given a DICK certificate. THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT HE IS A CERTIFIED DIKS HEAD.  

3 Aug 2008 @ 14:47 by Greta @ : shaktipat courses
Hi Im a Reiki Master , Seishem Master, Angelic Attuned, and still cant find peace spiritualy been getting information on Shaktipat, but everyone wants large amounts of money, do you know of any masters who would do the training cheaper,or free? many thanks for reading , love and light Gretaxx  

7 May 2010 @ 13:51 by tushar shah @ : want 2 say something to guru mai
i just want 2 say that my parants can't afford money but i still wan't to come in ganeshpuri to do a lot seva so please contact me on my e-mail or on my mobile 9424031788 or 9009404929 or if it dosen't work then contact in at the center of khargone .... i m living in khargone ... may possible you might having the no. of khargone's parmar uncle so please ...... contact please... please.....  

7 Apr 2011 @ 00:18 by Victor Snow @ : Ganeshpuri/Shaktipat
Have received shaktipat from Gurumayi's brother once in South Fallsburg NY, and Gurumayi twice in Ganeshpuri. Frankly, though the shaktipat was fairly intense, it could not in any way compare to what you describe.:) That was in the late 80's and very early 90's. Since then it has all faded and I am no better or worse for the experiences, which makes me wonder what all the hype is about.
On a last note, I have never met anyone who has actually become 'realised' through receiving these very expensive shots of spiritual energy. Maybe if one starts at the age of 15 or so he/she might become enlightened over the next 30, 40, years, otherwise shaktipat is just another expensive, though pleasant hobby.

The way I see it, anyway.  

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