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 Finny's Finger7 comments
8 May 2002 @ 18:40
A Lament for Finny's Finger....

It happened so fast.... I hadn't concidered that my good friend Warwick would miss with a ten pound sledge hammer by so much (ten inches). There was a shearing pain, then by the time I laid eyes on it nothing, numbness, shock. It was a sight, the end of my left hand index finger was a salad of bone, nail, skin tissue and flesh. What was also a sight was me after looking at the mess holding my hand and staggering over Warwick's front lawn swearing. Warwick in the meantime had both his hands afixed to the sides of his head and was apoligising profusely as he wandered trance-like around the lawn. What a Monty Pythonesque scene.

In a blur of controlled panic and shock induced serenity, I was within 30 minutes at the A&E of Middlemore Hospital. Middlemore serves South Auckland which contains the lowest social economic grouping of people in Auckland and the largest population of Polonesians anywhere. Pushed out by the Yuppie developments in the inner city. Over the next fourty hours I had the wound washed and was given pain killers but nothing else. For eight hours I was in a gown awaiting surgery. At the last moment the surgeon was called away and I was told to come back the next day. Hardly anybody was interested in my analysis of the current health system in New Zealand. A lone fourth year medical student politely heard me out and agreed on every point I made and that I should write to the Minister of Health. He lamely offered that they do what they can. I felt sad, knowing that what he said was right. With private heath taking the cream, leaving Public Health under staffed and under resoursed. Christ, Finny it's only a finger and not even all of it!  More >

 Intergration of Saint and Slut.9 comments
11 Jan 2002 @ 18:36
The Integration of the Saint and the Slut.

The intention of this short reflection is to open up a discussion on sexuality from an archetypal perspective. In the hope that this will in turn shed more light on some of the confusing behaviours that so often accompanies sexual relationships. Despite the abundance of sex manuals and therapies, it is my personal experience and my observation that there is still a need for more understanding regarding this fundamental and powerful activity. By just understanding our sexual behaviours and/or 'dysfuctions' with the interpretations provided by mainstream psychology, I believe we run the risk of limiting ourselves to mere pathologies. If we only look with the eyes of the head and the heart, without expanding our vision to include the area of the soul we are left with insufficient depth to understand the wholeness of a full and soulful connection to human sexuality. I'm not intending to take away from the valuable insights and healing that various psychological approaches have provided. In fact if you haven't gleaned some insight or emotional competency as a result of exploring your childhood material, and its influence on your adult self, then an archetypal perspective probably won't mean a lot to you.  More >