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27 Aug 2007 @ 15:27, by Pablo Pardoen

Narrator: "If you want to understand reality, simple, flip a coin and see what you'll get, that is "reality"."

Two scientists are having an argument in a lab.

N.R: "Looks like it's heads"

Curious cat: "But what is on the other side, doesn't it also exist, if there is a "heads" then a "tail" must exist somewhere "

N.R: "Possibly, but we can't know until we flip it again, so just to be sure I'll flip it again for you"

Curious cat: "so flip it"

N.R "looks like heads again, told you so"

Curious cat: "You got lucky"

N.R : "luck, how would you know ? I flipped it twice and got two heads, unfortunately that is reality, so accept it"

Curious cat: "I give up this game this is boring anyway, lets play dice instead"

Curious cat: "Choose a number, I'll bet you won't pick it" ...

N.R: "The odds are against me, I won't take my chances"

Curious cat: "Why? It's just game"

Curious cat: "So lets play another one, I want to see if your as good as you think you are"

N.R: "But the first game wasn't so difficult"

Curious cat: "I wouldn't have mentioned how lucky you were if I didn't think it was that easy"

N.R: "It wasn't luck, it was probability, I was more likely to get "heads" than anything else"

Curious cat: "You chose heads because you believed had no other choice. What your saying is you never had a doubt, but unfortunately that is not probability. You believed you were certain, now when I ask you to play dice you start to shake"

Curious cat: "You can at least grant me the benefit of the doubt..."

N.R: "Benefit of the doubt, I have no reason to, remember I won - you lost."

N.R: "You think just because I won't to play with you that I'm worried I might lose ?? I'm playing because I've already wasted enough time with your silly games"

Curious cat: "Wasting time ?? The reason your not playing is because you were afraid of losing, remember what you said about the odds being against you ?? I wouldn't t have wasted my time arguing with you if you had just accepted you were lucky. You won at the coin toss and forfeited dice, you doubted - that's reality, so accept it !.

N.R: "Would it make things better if I proposed to you a draw"

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28 Aug 2007 @ 14:00 by bliss : good'n
i like this. thank you pablo :)  

31 Aug 2007 @ 14:09 by ajapa : :)
thank you, your smile and appreciation says it all. Peace be with you .  

31 Aug 2007 @ 16:23 by bliss : ;)
and you, brother.  

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