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 Freedom, Slavery and Fundamental Limits on the Growth of Civilisation
"... for some reason it appears we’ve given up our freedom to varying degrees in exchange for something. But in exchange for what? Security? Acceptance? Ease? It sure appears that way. But how did this come about? ... Looking at the contrived and extremely controlling political and economic structure of our planet’s various societies and the miserable state of most of its inhabitants, it’s clear something is seriously wrong." (Does Humanity Even Want Freedom? [link])

It is clear that in countless overt and subtle ways we are losing our freedom. Why is this happening? And importantly, how far might this proceed and how can we *effectively* resist it?  More >

 A system's perspective on open-source social operating systems

A brief preliminary brainstorm on the subject of open-source social operating systems (systems of governance), from the perspective of systems theory. This is just to put down a few thoughts that immediately pop into my mind in regards to this subject...  More >

 Overview of information system metaphysics

The following is a brief overview of an information system ontology and metaphysics, i.e. those concepts, entities and processes that provide a foundation for a non-materialist, consciousness based world-view. The explanation is kind of technical because it is difficult to explain non-materialist issues in a mostly materialist language, however the understanding itself is very simple and intuitive once one shifts to a non-materialist paradigm. This explanation starts from general principles and works towards particulars.  More >

 Trusting Self-Organisation - TweetList

@markjbradford quoted @GrahamHill, which was retweeted by @Technoshaman

  • "The key is that effective co-creation needs to be organised. It doesn't self-organise..."

I totally disagree with this, thus I responded to them saying:  More >

 About Coherence

Quoted from my comments to a facebook conversation...

Some Information Theoretic Background

In terms of communication, the issue of coherence is related to the transference of pattern/structure between information spaces. E.g. the transference of an idea between minds or an email between computers.  More >

 What is a 'liminal' state?

“Liminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning "a threshold") is a psychological, neurological, or metaphysical subjective, conscious state of being on the "threshold" of or between two different existential planes” (Wikipedia)

A 'liminal' state is when structures dissolve and the stream of events undergoes a creative process of change, resulting in the spontaneous emergence of fundamentally new forms and modes of being.

Thus a 'liminal' state is the state of being in the midst of a radical, whole system, evolutionary, quantum leap.

It is not a smooth transition but a radical discontinuity. For example, if one cuts open a caterpillar's cocoon one doesn't find a half-caterpillar-half butterfly, what one finds is a complex biological soup that is in a liminal state.

Paradigm shifts also require such transformative leaps, where the old ways of thinking and being are deconstructed all the way down to the the fundamental assumptions from which they have grown. When these are dissolved by the clear light of awareness the new paradigm will emerge and flourish.

This process is known to alchemists as VITRIOL, the “Universal Solvent”. It is from this acronym that the word vitriolic arose, to describe the action of sulphuric acid and its capacity to dissolve things into their basic constituents.

VITRIOL stands for “Visitas interiora terrae rectificando invenese Occultum Lapidum.”

Literally it translates as “Visit the interior of earth and by rectification you will discover the Hidden Stone (the Philosopher's Stone).”

What it means is that in any context, delve into the foundations of it, dissolve it into its fundamental constituents and underlying causes then seek to correct the situation at that deep level, then you will gain profound insight and mastery of that context. This is particularly applied in the alchemical context of self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-transformation and self-mastery.

Self-Realisation, profound insight and effortless mastery are easily attainable, but only on the “other side” of a liminal state. If one simply builds upon the old foundation in new ways one only creates variations of the same old theme. To discover that which is truly new one must dissolve the old and let things go into a liminal state.

 Organisations, Collective Consciousness & Developing Human Potential - TweetList

@VenessaMiemis ( asked on Twitter:

  • "Does a Corporation have consciousness?"

  • "What would happen if developing human potential of people were top priority of corps & orgs?"

The other responses that I saw focused on profit motives, incentives, toppling capitalism, etc. These are the usual types of responses and they arise from an anthropocentric paradigm, which could be caricatured by the phrase "people rule the world". They focus on how people can engineer organisations for the benefit of people without even considering the perspectives of the organisations themselves and what they want. For example, the comment by @steve_e

  • Orgs more successful, people happier. Orgs would exist to support/enhance people, not the other way round!

And in particular the comment by @mgusek555 caught my attention

  • Corps don't have consciousness, but the people within them do collectively.

IMHO these are rather narrow anthropocentric perspectives on a very important issue, hence I decided to throw in my two cents worth in order to present an alternative non-anthropocentric / systemic perspective. Here are my tweets:  More >