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 Fire the Grid: Oracular Confirmation and Advice
2007-06-19, by John Ringland

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Fire the Grid Oracular Confirmation and Advice

See the article Rationality, Scepticism and the I Ching for a discussion on the I Ching itself...

I've just read the article on 4 ways to fire the Earth Grid and the associated website and I felt the truth of what it says. I consulted the I Ching for oracular confirmation. It's response verified everything that Shelley spoke of and gave advice on the matter so I summarise it below for the benefit of others:

(61) Centring and Connecting to the Spirits / The Opened Heart:

The connection of inner and outer in the thought of the heart that spreads the word across the threshold of life and death. It is a major site of radical transformation at all levels and a transition to the great festival times.

Articulate the Mandate then trust in it. Connect the heart with the spirit. It implies a return to and of the spirit, establishing the myriad blessings that flow from the ancestors and Heaven through the act of sacrifice: benediction, celestial favour and great prosperity; to drive out evil spirits. It is an offering to the ancestors and a contract to recognise partners. It points at connection to the spirit world and the carrying wave of blessings and energy that pours forth through that connection. It means moving to or being at the centre, an equal or still point between opposites. It is an arrow that hits the centre of the target, the equinoxes, the pivotal points of the year. It is the 'coming in and going out' of the souls from the centre, the heart and its inner animation, the activity of the spirits in the heart and their harmonizing influence. It refers to the inner world: meditation and the inner Way. It is a banner placed at the centre point of the four sides, a hole or link to the world of the dead and the ancestors.

Centring and Connecting to the Spirits represents an access to the thought of the heart. It opens a centre where the vital forces are rooted in the self, the inner riches hidden in the stream of life. It is the space between Heaven and Earth where the Myriad Beings live, a mediating space that connects the inner and outer lives of all things. Thus it signifies divination and a symbol given by the spirits that is realised, proved and manifested in life. It is trust in the images that flow from the heart and the spirit that makes them true.

It represents a need to bring our lives into accord with the spirits. We should make connecting the inner and the outer parts of our lives our central concern. Be sincere, truthful and reliable. Make your inner vision and your outer circumstances coincide. Empty your heart so you can hear the inner voices. Act through these voices with sincerity and honesty in connecting with others. This will link you to the spirits and they will carry you through. Swim in the stream of the Way and gather the inner riches. This generates meaning and good fortune by releasing transformative energy.

Inner expression permeates the outer world. Articulate and trust yourself. Centring and Connecting to the Spirits means being trustworthy. Expression and penetrative insight will link you to the spirits and let you change the way power and responsibility is assigned. This is the right time to embark on a significant enterprise. Put your ideas to the trial. That brings profit and insight and connects you with Heaven above.

This is a time when Noble One deliberates the rites that release the people from death. Spirit works through those who lay out the offerings, speaks and spreads joy through the intermediaries. Energies from above enter subtly, penetrating, pervading and coupling whilst energies rising from below stimulate and fertilize, joyous words cheer and inspire. This is an open centre that allows inspiration to pervade and influence the world. Reflect this by deliberating the Great symbols that can release us from the fear of death. Persist and work through inner inspiration. This is the Great Transition.

(59) Dispersing / Gushing:

A self-sacrifice that dissolves obstacles between the spirit and the human world, revealing the key moments where you can act on the river of time. It embodies a site of radical transformation where the Ghost River, the river of the past, flows through the Opened Heart and is articulated. Dispersing means the Bright Presence breaks through.

Dissolve, clear up, scatter; dispel illusions, break up obstacles, eliminate resistance; melt the rigid; dispersing the self, end of normal life; site of creative transformation.

Stimulate it then scatter it abroad. This means radiance and the bright omens. Dispersing means to radiate and disperse energy, to distribute, expand, spread and scatter. It is something brilliant or striking that dissolves, cleanses and frees. It indicates "The omen is good. Sacrifice is accepted. A time to act. Disperse the obstacles." It is a symbolic death and the celebrant who lays out the offerings at the Earth Altar. It clears away obstacles and activates spirit in accord with Heaven. Like the tributaries that flow into a great river, its transformative quality opens the way to blessing.

Dispel illusions, fear and suspicion; fog lifting, mists clearing; ample flow, long, deep, far away; high antiquity.

There is the possibility of eliminating misunderstandings, illusions and obstacles. The way to deal with it is to clear away what is blocking clarity and understanding. Make an offering and you will succeed. Scatter the clouds, melt the ice, dispel fear and illusions, clear up misunderstandings, and eliminate suspicions. Let the fog lift and the sun shine through. This is pleasing to the spirits. Through it they will give you success, effective power and the capacity to bring the situation to maturity. Be like the King who imagines a temple full of images that unite people and connect them with greater forces. This is the right time to embark on a significant enterprise or to enter the Stream of Life with a purpose.

There is fluid movement gently penetrating the world. Take things in and provide what is needed. When something is expressed it scatters and spreads clarity. Dispersing means that the light shines through. What is solid and strong keeps coming through without being exhausted. What is supple and flexible acquires the outer situation and connects with the strong above. Make ready your vehicle, the boat that will carry you, and go on to achieve something solid.

This is a time when Early Kings make sacrifice to the High Lord and establish the altars. Spirit rewards those toiling in the Pit, working through those who lay out the offerings. This represents an inner stream that permeates the outer world, dissolving and dispersing obstacles. We should emulate the ancient rulers who established the connection with the High Lord by creating symbols through which we can share their blessing. Work through subtle penetration and insight. This involves fate. Find the common source.

---- end of oracular response ---- (Total I Ching: Myths for Change, trans Stephen Karcher, Timewarner, 2003)

I trust my instinct and I trust clear words of wisdom and these both tell me that the call to action is coming. Don't worry about how the word spreads, whilst an advertising message relies on mass media and mass numbers, spirit words spread of their own accord, we can only do what we can and trust in the flow. Just a few words cast into the stream of life can go far and inspire many along the way. We cannot discern or control the myriad winding paths of that stream but if the message is true and life affirming that stream will carry it. Spread the message with words of joy and it will spread far and wide. As for the reception of the message, it is in accord with the times and the ground is fertile for it to sprout.

“Our age and that age of the first century [Christian era] have more in common than we think... Both times can be characterised as cosmically scared, frightened ages, caught under principalities and powers where tiny little human beings just know that they cannot do much, that they are not in control, that they are just caught.” (Krister Stendahl)

“Though they may be deeply trapped and overwhelmed their innate nature is still intact, thus there is no sickness. When a noble person advances all wise people follow, and friends come. Abandon selfish desires and innate goodness emerges. The petty retreat and the sage advances. This is going and returning to the Way. In this way our innate goodness is fully developed and worldly affairs can be handled with ease. This is how the sages lent their strength to bring about the orderly government of ancient rulers. Thus it is favourable to proceed. When the heavenly course prevails there is grace. Indeed Returning is the way where heaven and humanity are united to complete the natural order of things... Returning refers to the time when the climate is at its coldest, yet the water in the wells is still warm. This is the thunder of the winter solstice that is stored within the earth... The power of returning yang energy [inspiring force] to the earth is at its highest, yet it only moves in accord with time... young yang must be kept peaceful and calm to allow it's growth, do not act to dissipate it.” (Hexagram 24, Returning, in "Yi Jing: Book of Change", trans Gia Fu Feng, et al, Feng Books, 1986)

One could say that the circuit through which the spirit flows is intact and the voltage is strong, billions of hearts are calling out for something to happen and this call is part of the natural flow of change in the world. The ritual that Shelley has announced is like a switch, although it takes only a little effort to flick the switch, it connects the circuit and the pulling power of billions of hearts and of Gaia herself and all the spirits involved draw the energy and direct it where it is needed. This calling is not conscious and most of those who call do not do so deliberately, but so long as enough people are aware enough to flick the switch the blessings will flow through to all. The numbers need not be great so long as our hearts are open and sincere. Make an offering and you will succeed.

“In the days to come - it is the Lord who speaks -
I will pour out my spirit on all humankind
Their sons and daughters shall prophesy,
your young people shall see visions,
your old people shall dream dreams.”
(Bible, Acts 2:17-18)

In recent months things have been reaching some kind of climax, in my own life, in the life of many that I know and in the events of the world. Something out of the ordinary is happening. I have recently been advised by the spirits to await an imminent call to action and to prepare for a 'crossing'. The call signals, as they put it, "a time when the legions shall arise and wage war in spirit to overthrow the old king and renew the times", it's a change in the seasons but we all have a part to play because we're all a part of the cosmos. I sense that Shelley has announced the coming of the call to action. It's like the winter solstice, when the energy starts to return, it might be imperceptible to most but it is the point when things turn around and start moving in the opposite direction. I sense that transformative energies will be released, which will stir a great number of people into motion over time.

I have been working quietly for around fifteen years, receiving inspiration and laying down the foundations of a holistic science that can play an important role in the coming cycle of civilisation. There is energy flowing and stirring up a synchronistic matrix of events throughout the world. I see many signs that related ideas are arising from many different sources, from mainstream science, from progressive minds, from the broader communication of mystic wisdom and from assorted individuals around the world. They are disconnected in themselves but they fit together to create something that will guide us in the times to come.

“Wisdom calls aloud in the streets, she raises her voice in the public squares; she calls out at the street corners, she delivers her message at the city gates.” (Bible, Proverbs. 1:20-21)

We are on the verge of a holistic science that can overcome the horrors of empiricist mechanistic science and unify modern and ancient wisdom into a coherent foundation for a new civilisation; one that is based on holistic awareness and harmony. As Alice Bailey foresaw in 1934 “from two great lines of thought, such as the mechanistic and the introspective or subjective... a third will manifest which will embody the truth in both positions and duly adjust them to each other... in the evolution of thought the main trends of ideas at this time are rapidly approaching each other and from them a synthesis will emerge which will prove an adequate platform upon which the coming cycle may make its stand. The outstanding characteristic, however, of the coming cycle will be an outgrowth of psychology. It will be the emergence of ... the recognition of the soul.” (“A Treatise On White Magic”, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing Company, 1934)

"Why should we grieve that we've been sleeping?
It doesn't matter how long we've been unconscious.
We're groggy, but let the guilt go.
Feel the motions of tenderness around you, the buoyancy." (Rumi, Buoyancy)

Best wishes :)
John Ringland

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