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 IT Revolution

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IT Revolution

I've been scanning Flemming Funch's news log - he's collected some fantastic things there!!!!

Our minds are following similar tracks but he is much more aware of what people are doing in the world whilst I've been off in solitary contemplation for many years. I've hardly payed any attention to the rest of the world until the last couple months. It's good to have your help Ming in catching up :)

About the article Software is hard - Ming says:
"What is missing is really tools for modeling things to do... the general problem might only be solved at around the same time when most programming will no longer be necessary. I.e. you interactively work out the model of what to do in real-time, and when you're done, the software is done too. No separation between the specification and the doing. Would be great. There are systems that do that to some degree, but so far nobody's succeeded in making it general enough. The ultimate software project would be to invent a system that makes programming obsolete, by making it so simple that anybody can do it, very quickly. Unfortunately that's a hard."

Well I've been working on that one - more accurately it fell out of some metaphysical research into information systems theory and models of reality generative processes that could create realities like the one that we experience - or more accurately again, a vision appeared fully formed in the back of my mind in early 2000 and I spent a few years translating the vision into mathematics and software.

The mathematics works beautifully! I call it system matrix notation SMN because it uses matrix algebra to represent systems and generate virtual realities. It creates a mathematical information system theory and can totally revolutionise mathematical science - breaking it out of its empiricist rut that it doesn't even know it's in (see The Scientific Case Against Materialism - but that's another story). I have some proof-of-concept software implementations on my website, just to show that it works. See:  More >

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