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First a few words about the work and then some links.

In brief, in 2000 I intuitively received a vision of the nature of reality that re-oriented my world-view. Other than a new way of understanding, it mainly expressed itself in my mind as a form of mathematics, which I came to understand through the framework of information and system theory, mystic metaphysics, quantum mechanics and virtual reality simulation.

This evolved over time into a project that could be described as "laying down the philosophical, mathematical and theoretical foundations of a unified holistic science" and "using this foundation to shed light on and unify both ancient and modern wisdom". The work also involves self-enquiry; observation of, and participation in, the evolution of collective consciousness; and the navigation of a paradigm shift in our collective world-view.

To give some insight... Imagine that this physical universe could be thought of as a virtual reality simulation, within which we are evolved sentient virtual beings. It would all seem to us to be physical and in no way different from how it currently does. In this analogical context what I address is not the objects, people, places, events, sights, sounds, shapes, qualities, etc within the VR universe.

What I describe and model is the computational process, the logic of the simulator, the simulation process in action, the structure of the model that is animated, the low-level virtual processes and forms that arise within the VR, how these integrate and evolve into complex systems, how the behaviour of these gives rise to the principles of physics, how some of these complex systems may attain sentience and enquire into the nature of their situation, how they can most effectively achieve this, what they will find when they do and how this whole situation relates to mystic wisdom and what it describes about reality. I also explore how such an understanding can positively affect our individual lives and society as a whole.

What these virtual beings eventually realise is that ultimately they are not physical beings in a physical universe with individual identities, they are motions of a cosmic whole that is non-dual, non-physical, non-local, non-temporal, imperceptible, all pervading and the animating essence of all things.

Furthermore, there is a persistent cognitive habit that causes them to perceive and experience things from a dualist perspective (naïve realism). When this is recognised and its dominance over the mind is overcome, then reality can be apprehended clearly. Although it is not perceptible to the senses, it can be intuitively apprehended in no uncertain terms because it is the inner most essence of our being.

The true nature of the underlying reality, beneath the film of appearances, is ultimately unknowable, however everything else about it can be modelled mathematically and understood scientifically once we go beyond the limitations of naïve realism, thus providing a solid foundation for a unified holistic science/spirituality.

Here is a general introduction that paints an overall picture of this line of research.

A ground up reformulation of the philosophical foundations underlying the work.

The mathematical model at the core of the work.

The main essay describing the world view implied by the results.

The motivation behind the work.

A high level memetic map of areas of interest.

Lots of essays on the main website.

Here are a few articles, although there are hundreds of others...

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 Update on Recent Work

I have been very busy lately and not posting much at all so here is a quick update...

I recently wrote an article for The Explorer, which is the newsletter of the Society for Scientific Exploration. The newsletter has yet to be published but you can read the article here:
Signs of an Emerging Paradigm Shift.

I am also writing a book. It is a detailed explanation of the core principles of my work. In style, the book is somewhere between a popular science book, an introductory textbook on advanced mathematics and an introductory treatise on abstract metaphysics. Part one is complete and the last part is coming soon. You can read part one here:
System Science of Virtual Reality: Toward the Unification of Empirical and Subjective Science.

Right now I am mostly involved in a fascinating online conversation about naïve realism, its ramifications, its role in the global systemic crisis and how to overcome it for the sake of us all... If you have an interest in this subject then check out STAR for some background information.

The essay Changing How we think for the sake of all describes my input to that conversation. The comments have been arranged and edited into a single essay that expresses the vision that I am sharing in the conversation.

 Recent Work

Lately my focus has been primarily on inner work hence there has been very little published for a while. But below are some links to some recent work.

Unification of Science: A brief outline of the path towards unifying introspective science (Eastern spirituality) and empirical science (Western science).

Roots of Meaning: an essay on meaning, conditioning and misunderstanding - proposes a way to overcome entrenched misunderstanding.

Perception, Cognition & Communication Ontology: to help clearly reason about what we experience, think and say.

Exploratory Analysis of Naive and Unified Realism: uses the PCC ontology to clearly explain the difference between naive and unified realism.

SMN Latest Version: Introduces the latest version of the SMN general system simulator.

How Does SMN Work: Introduction to the details of how the SMN algorithm works.

SMN Ontology: An ontology showing the logical structure of the SMN algorithm.

SMN System Modelling Using Ontologies: A tutorial introducing the idea of using ontologies to create system models that can be immediately simulated in SMN.

STAR: STriking at the Roots - a proposal for a project to identify the root causes of systemic social dysfunction throughout history and work towards rectifying the situation.

I have also brought an end to the experiment with public discussion of these issues, it has not been successful, hence there are no more public comments on this blog. If you wish to discuss these things then email me.

 Global Peace Intention Experiment

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A Press Release from Living the Field organisation. Please spread the word!

The Global Peace Intention Experiment

Join Us for September 14th. Other dates to be announced

A “Live Aid” of scientific experiments will test the power of group mind to lower violence around the world

See for more information.

The Intention Experiment – a highly popular ‘global laboratory’, involving an international consortium of scientists in prestigious academic centers and thousands of participants around the world – is planning an ambitious series of scientific studies to determine whether ‘group mind’ has the power to lower violence in areas chosen for high crime and violence levels.  More >

 Invitation to a Conversation

I cordially invite all interested readers to engage in a conversation about the issues raised on this blog.

[Note (2008-11-10): Comments have been deactivated for now. The conversation continues in private, feel free to email me.]

In this article I first explain my motivations for the invitation. Secondly, I identify some potential pitfalls in collective communication that we must seek to avoid. And finally I provide a flow-chart for a rational discourse that serves as a clear and binding guarantee / commitment that all participants will be civil, rational, impersonal and detached.  More >

 What is Knowledge, Science and Reasoning?
I have noted that there are many people who are operating as knowledge workers but who have very little understanding of knowledge itself. Many people have been driven by necessity to analyse, disseminate and debate knowledge but unless they know what knowledge is, what facts are, what evidence is and so on they often end up caught in frustrating and confusing discussions that do little to improve our collective knowledge.

To help those who are willing to help themselves, here are some links related to the subject. There are approximately 50 pages of links with quotes from the linked pages and a few comments of my own interspersed throughout. This just provides an overview of some of the major terms and issues involved and the links may serve as a jumping off point for further research. If a term is interesting to you then please do further searches on the term to find out more about it.

The article was too long for this NCN blog so see it on my website:
What is Knowledge, Science and Reasoning?

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 The Ancient Roots of Science
picture 2008-04-30
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Quotes from a review of the book Lost Discoveries -

The "standard model" of the history of science locates its birth around 600 B.C. in ancient Greece, where the dramatis personae typically include Pythagoras, Empedocles, Democritus, Aristotle and other sages, who laid the modern foundation for math and the sciences. It was this foundation, buried during the Middle Ages, that was rediscovered during the Renaissance. What were the peoples of India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, sub-Saharan Africa, China and the Americas doing all this time? "They discovered fire, then called it quits," Teresi observes sarcastically. He admits starting this exercise "with the purpose of showing that the pursuit of evidence of nonwhite science is a fruitless endeavor. . . . Six years later, I was still finding examples of ancient and medieval non-Western science that equaled and often surpassed ancient Greek learning."

The Babylonians developed the Pythagorean theorem at least 1,500 years before Pythagoras was born. Indian mathematicians performed multiplication and algebra, and even ventured toward calculus, a millennium before Europeans. An Arab astronomer, Ibn al-Shatir, spelled out the theory of planetary motion 150 years before Copernicus. The "Mercator projection" was used by Chinese cartographers centuries before the birth of Mercator. In the third century B.C., physicists in China pretty neatly summarized Newton's first law of motion.  More >

 Travelling on Air
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Check out this new technology about to hit the market...

Air powered cars -

It is the pressure in the tank that is the energy that drives the car, there is no foreign substance involved, just air.

Any means of increasing the pressure in the tank would be a means of powering the vehicle. For example, a small on-board motor or perhaps even the shock-absorbers and air-vents could contribute.

 A Major Energy Revolution Brewing

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There are technologies that could replace our dependence on oil, coal, gas and nuclear but for financial and geo-political reasons they have been suppressed. However the motivation is growing amongst various power structures to release these technologies.

This is where AERO comes in.

From the website:

"Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO), LLC was founded by Steven M. Greer, M.D., in July 2007. AERO is a new research and development group which will develop and strategically protect new energy and propulsion technologies that will completely replace oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power

AERO is the group that is most strategically ready to develop, disclose and establish the long-suppressed technologies that will enable us to establish a truly sustainable civilization on Earth.

It is time that humanity move on to its next level of development. This cannot happen with the internal combustion engine and fossil fuels. Time is short. Indeed time - and obscurity - are elements that must be overcome for success to occur."

This is the latest initiative by Steven Greer, the founder of The Disclosure Project. Quoted from its website: "The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

See this video of a recent (2007-08-20) presentation by Steven Greer about AERO and the imminent disclosure and large scale development of energy technologies and the social impact of this, it is well worth watching:

For other related videos see the sidebar at google videos.

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