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 Exploring some patterns in the I Ching

There are countless intriguing patterns that can be found within the I Ching. I don't know what they mean, but here we explore some of them... Firstly we map out the correlation between the hexagrams and the binary numbers, and then within this context we explore that patterns formed by the various pairs of hexagrams and groups of pairs.  More >

 Memetic Map of Areas of Interest

 Symbolism Brainstorm

Notes from a brainstorm about symbolism and its place in the broader context.

Firstly a mind-map that gives a high-level overview of the context in which these thoughts take place (full size pdf), and then some brief notes.

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 The vision arising from my work in five sentences

My good friend Glisten was recently asked to describe the vision arising from my work in one sentence; I too gave this some thought.

The work is broad so here are five sentences that address different aspects:

  • The allegedly physical universe is a construct of observable phenomena arising from a cosmic quantum computational process, and the stream of awareness that witnesses phenomena is a 'thread' of the cosmic process.

  • All objects, places and events arise due to the unified cosmic process experiencing itself as it unfolds according to its nature; within that broadest context there is no separation and nothing is by chance.

  • We are like virtual beings in a virtual reality simulation, where the world and the self that appear to exist are objects of perception reflected in memory, whilst the true Self of all manifest forms is the One Self, which is the unified animating process.

  • Virtual reality provides a scientific / mathematical / computational analogy by which to understand the nature of reality; the cutting edge of modern science is beginning to realise this and will eventually be able to comprehend the ageless wisdom.

  • The only obstacle to realising the true nature of ones Self and the cosmic Whole is naïve realism, which is a habit that operates at the root of the mind and distorts each moment of awareness; once this habit is overcome (by whatever means) awareness of reality shines through.

 Descartes, Scepticism, Rationalism, Meditation and Intuition

Comments inspired by the article: Quantum Phenomenology

Excerpt from the abstract: "Starting with the Descartes' cogito, "I think, therefore I am"--and taking an uncompromisingly rational, rigorously phenomenological approach--I attempt to derive the basic principles of recursion theory (the backbone of all mathematics and logic), and from that the principles of feedback control theory (the backbone of all biology), leading to the basic ideas of quantum mechanics (the backbone of all physics)."  More >

 Profound Metaphysical Questions to Ask Yourself

What is this experiential process that is happening right now? What is experience?

What is this individual stream of experience? What am I?

Why do I experience things right now and only remember past experiences? What is the present moment, the arrow of time, time itself, the process of change and memory?

What do the contents-of-experience (phenomena) represent? What is the phenomenal world?

What is that persistent complex phenomenon that closely accompanies my stream of experience? What is my body?  More >

 The End of a Cycle

Before joining the conversation, please read and accept this Invitation to a Conversation.

I have uncovered two fundamental misconceptions that are at the core of the entire approach that I have taken oven the past 12 years.

(1) The most obvious of which is a subconscious assumption that people are fundamentally rational truth seekers, that their destructive behaviour is due solely to confusion and that insights that untangle the knot of confusion would be gratefully received and applied by people to reduce their suffering. This assumption is patterned on the behaviour of my parents during my childhood.

(2) The other fundamental misconception was the subconscious assumption that I myself am a rational truth seeker.

By playing the game of rational truth seeker I have encountered many profound insights but these now cause me to see through the entire game and to clearly see who the game player is and what their true agenda is. The enquiry has delved deep into the core issues; using systems thinking to reorient away from culturally clichéd misconceptions and arriving at issues such as naïve realism and ego defense mechanisms. At this point it becomes clear that the entity that is seeking is the ego and that the ego has extreme difficulty in applying profound insights about the ego to itself. The entire process in which the ego pretends to be a rational truth seeker is an ego defense mechanism, hence the ego will play this game whilst ever it suits the ego, but as soon as the enquiry starts to undermine the position of the ego it will employ other defense mechanisms to subtly but ruthlessly disrupt the process in order to protect itself.

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