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2013-12-08: Motivating and Clarifying the Paradigm Shift at the Heart of Science
2013-12-02: What is the highest perceived benefit or aspiration of my Life?
2013-11-30: Cognitive Repression in Physics - Reasons for the Entrenched Culture of Denial
2013-11-28: The world-view arising from my work
2013-11-26: Motivation behind my work
2013-11-26: Quantum Mechanics, Naïve Realism, Scientific Realism, Abstraction and Reality
2013-11-24: Reformulation of the Virtual Reality Hypothesis
2013-11-11: What is a differend?
2013-10-29: Freedom, Slavery and Fundamental Limits on the Growth of Civilisation
2012-05-31: What is the relationship between processes and systems?
2012-05-09: Regarding the nature of reality and the 'world'
2012-05-08: Questions regarding information and process
2012-05-02: Computational Paradigm 101
2012-05-01: Summary of the main 'products' of my research
2011-03-13: A system's perspective on open-source social operating systems
2011-03-09: Quantum Mechanics, Decoherence, Observables, Consciousness and Paradigm Shift
2011-03-06: Processual Metaphysics
2011-03-06: Defending mind from anti-mind spirituality
2011-03-06: Overview of information system metaphysics
2011-03-01: Exploring some patterns in the I Ching
2011-02-25: Decoherence and the Quantum Sentience Paradox
2011-02-25: Interesting countup-countdown pattern
2011-01-09: A True Current of Western Spirituality or a Partial Realisation?
2010-12-28: Comments Regarding The Truth
2010-12-28: Quotes regarding truth, reality and knowledge
2010-12-27: Shadow Personality and the Poisoning of the Mind
2010-12-16: Purifying one's mind and infowar both personal and global
2010-11-08: Mystic Perspective: Comments and Quotes
2010-11-02: Topics Related to Recent Thoughts
2010-09-30: Self-organising narrative on the nature of reality
2010-07-31: Innovation Yantra
2010-07-22: Is the Universe a Simulation? - My Answer on
2010-07-17: Trusting Self-Organisation - TweetList
2010-07-16: About Coherence
2010-07-16: What is knowledge and what is to be known?
2010-07-16: What is a 'liminal' state?
2010-07-13: What is Consciousness? - My answer on
2010-07-13: Karma Yoga: The Way of Action - Quotes from the Bhagavad Gita
2010-07-11: Synthesising Whole Systems - CALRESCO
2010-07-10: The Jewel of Immeasurable Worth
2010-07-10: Quotes Regarding Gnana, the Yoga of Supreme Knowledge
2010-07-10: Quotes regarding the illusion of being a person
2010-07-09: Organisations, Collective Consciousness & Developing Human Potential - TweetList
2010-07-09: Simulation Argument and Dualism
2010-07-09: Naïve Realism Discussed in the Lankavatara Sutra
2010-07-08: Integral Theory and Naïve Realism
2010-07-08: Memes, Minds & Collective Intelligence - Tweet List
2010-07-04: Tweet list re: the nature of reality, self, experience & the world
2009-11-11: Personality and Ego
2009-09-30: Memetic Map of Areas of Interest
2009-09-30: Symbolism Brainstorm
2009-09-22: Overview
2009-09-13: A new strategy emerging in the war on drugs.
2009-09-01: Simulacrum Definition
2009-08-28: Liberation is not of the person, but from the person
2009-08-28: Extracts from the Lankavatara Sutra
2009-07-03: The vision arising from my work in five sentences
2009-04-25: Discussing the Emerging Paradigm on the SSE Forum
2009-04-12: Ego Defence Mechanisms
2009-04-12: Harmony and Oneness through Clarifying Dialogue
2009-04-07: Reclaiming 'Realism' for the Sake of Being Realistic
2009-04-07: Biological Analogy for Agents of Change
2009-04-05: Advice on Nurturing the Emerging Memeplex
2009-04-04: Shape of the Emerging Memeplex and How to Nurture It
2009-03-23: Wisdom for this Phase of the Journey
2009-03-21: Descartes, Scepticism, Rationalism, Meditation and Intuition
2009-03-21: Update on Recent Work
2009-03-18: What I Think in Simple Terms
2009-01-11: Consciousness, Self, World, Virtual Reality and Liberation
2009-01-09: Signs of a New Paradigm 01
2008-12-04: Profound Metaphysical Questions to Ask Yourself
2008-11-30: The Hard Problem of Conscious Experience
2008-11-10: Recent Work
2008-08-13: Seven Steps To Unified Metaphysical Awareness
2008-08-11: Contexts of Understanding
2008-07-28: Simplified Anatomy of the Global Systemic Crisis and How to Heal Civilisation
2008-07-21: Naïve Realism, Empirical Science and Transcendent Science
2008-07-19: The Gaian-Ego Hypothesis Release
2008-07-16: Global Peace Intention Experiment
2008-07-10: Clarifying Contexts to Avoid Confusion and Develop Mutual Understanding
2008-06-24: I Ching, Consciousness, Universe and the Journey of Life
2008-06-23: In Defence of Rationalism
2008-06-23: Rationality, Scepticism and the I Ching
2008-06-22: Invitation to a Conversation
2008-06-21: Ask Yourself This
2008-06-20: Wisdom for the Winter Solstice
2008-06-19: Thoughts on the Outline of a Unified Science
2008-06-18: Reclaiming Genuine Religion for Humanity
2008-06-17: Virtual Reality Analogy Alongside Science and Mysticism
2008-06-17: Scientistic Heresy
2008-06-15: Hiranyagarbha
2008-06-15: Computational Metaphysics and Vedic Metaphysics
2008-06-09: What Terms Best Describe My Metaphysical Work?
2008-06-09: What is Knowledge, Science and Reasoning?
2008-06-07: Naïve Realism and Empiricism
2008-06-06: The End of a Cycle
2008-06-06: Naïve and Unified Realism as Evolutionary Forces
2008-06-06: Ramifications of Naïve and Unified Realism in Different Contexts
2008-05-27: Thoughts on Navigating the Paradigm Shift
2008-05-26: Naïve Realism - Definition and Philosophical Arguments
2008-05-17: Nations as expressions of the soul of a people
2008-05-14: Core terms for the Information System Paradigm
2008-05-11: Pangea Day and Unified Science
2008-05-10: Universal System Integrator
2008-05-09: What is a definition? How does it relate to meaning?
2008-05-07: What is a system and why should we care to know?
2008-05-04: System Oriented Modelling Paradigm - Brainstorming notes 03
2008-05-04: System Oriented Modelling Paradigm - Brainstorming notes 02
2008-04-30: The Ancient Roots of Science
2008-04-30: Travelling on Air
2008-04-25: System Oriented Modelling Paradigm
2007-09-06: A Major Energy Revolution Brewing
2007-09-03: Three Metaphysical Perspectives on one Page
2007-08-04: Some Intriguing Mathematical Properties of the Mayan Calendar
2007-07-24: What exactly is SMN and how does it connect with other technologies?
2007-07-24: Blind Spots and Naive Realism
2007-07-10: Ontologies
2007-07-10: Hope in the midst of loss - An inspiring story
2007-06-28: Commonsense, Fascist Regimes and the Ego
2007-06-27: Psychological Manipulation
2007-06-27: Cambrian Explosion - Cells to Organisms
2007-06-27: Gaia or the Man Machine?
2007-06-27: A Psychological Perspective on Civilisation
2007-06-27: The Man Machine - Organisms to Organisation
2007-06-27: Interaction, Economics and the Human Condition
2007-06-25: Computational Metaphysics, Consciousness and Systemic Evolution
2007-06-24: Collective Meditation to Counter the Collective Ego
2007-06-24: Commonsense Realism and the Ego
2007-06-22: Nationalist / Corporate Power Struggle in the Global Economic Ecosystem
2007-06-22: The Mystic Meaning of Original Sin
2007-06-21: Economic Metabolism
2007-06-21: Systems Analysis of Economic Social Engineering
2007-06-20: IT Revolution
2007-06-19: Fire the Grid: Oracular Confirmation and Advice
2007-06-19: The Scientific Case Against Materialism
2007-06-19: Ego and the Denial of Complexity
2007-06-18: The Gaian-Ego Hypothesis

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