David Camara: Kimbisa Treaty of Signatures    
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10 Aug 2011 @ 19:23, by David Camara

The Signatures are The Foundation which unites Palo, Ocha and Ifa traditions. Paleros, Olochas and Babalaos have as common element using Signatures for all kind of Nsala. The author explores the epistemological sources of knowledge that make possible to interpret the contents of The Signature of the Order Kimbisa Ntoto and discover the reader that the Orders of Palo, Ocha and Ifa have their origin and Foundation in Sutumutukuni Rule. Sutumutukuni Rule is Ntoto since Nsambiampungo sent the Spirits to inhabiting Ntoto, The Earth, long before Obatala drop to model them and give them Ori, their head.

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