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1 May 2007 @ 14:43, by David Camara

The Ewe Culture -- Palo Monte o Mayombe & Ocha Lukumi-- are fountains of Bioenergetic Knowledge & Integral Wellness from Oyo, the Empire of Odua and his descendents Ochas and Orichas.

The Lukumi Kings from Oyo was out of Africa because the results of the war with Ife. The Oyo Empire was traslated to America. Since earliest 1500s The Lukumi Kings come to America with The Ocha Tradition. Lukumi people was stablished The Rule in America untill 1800s when come the first babalao to Cuba and the adaptations to The Rule. My Ocha House come from La Pimienta- Susana Cantero, Rosa Mardoche, Josefina Beltran, Chango Dina and my Goodmother Omitoke from La Vibora, Habana,come from Aida La Suave, Chicho OchunDe, Maria Nunez Ewintola, Mercedes La Solariega, Benigno Ochunde, Benigno Obalogun,Oguntoye Lamberto Sama. No one work never with babalaos. Omitoke say me she come to work with babalaos in Miami at the 1980s and is alagualagua with more than 35 years and hundreds of Ocha made. To justify the point of the bababaos it's neccesary understand the differences between the cultural colonialism that determine our point of view; if come from Nigeria, Cuba, Venezuela, Miami or Puerto Rico; our level of compromise with Ocha as Kings is different to the level of compromise with Ocha of a Priest of Orula? As King I have my Ifa and Orula send me his Sons to serve it and this the Rule in Lukumi. The babalao don't come as King to my House; he come as Priest to serve Orula. It's precise to know the epistemologic value of Oyo respect to Ife also: Lukumi are ruled by Ocha meanwhile Ife is ruled by Ifa. Under Lukumi Rule Elegua, Ogun, Ochosi and Osun are sons of Obatala as Orula also. Olochas have authority to consecrate Bogbo Akaro and babalaos have authority only over Echu and Orula. Eleke consecration is exclusive to Olochas; Babalaos can't give Eleke Oricha and consacrate anything of Ocha if have not Ocha made and Oluos only can give ilde and Orula Eleke. Babalaos with 'pata y cabeza" can't enter into Ocha Igbodu. How can if have not crowned the Orichas?. Babalaos and Oluos haven't authority to give Oricha. The authority to perform divination over Ate on consecrations is shared bettween Obas and Babalaos. When the initiate have Ifa --Orula and Echu-- could make ebo de entrada with a Priest of Ifa, when not is enough with the Autority of the Oba to do the ebo on Ate. Only Obases have authority to consecrate Osain and Dilogun on Lukumi. Oluos without the authority of Obatala and Ogun at Pinaldo can't sacrifice over Ocha because Ocha is Ota and Dilogun. To have authority to sacrifice over Ocha an Oluo could to have received Pinado e Igba Iwa. To have Authority to made Ocha is necessary the presence of an Oba with Igba Iwa Ache Oricha. It's imposible to conquer Oyo again because the many heads crowned under The Hegemony of Odua on Lukumi, the Diaspora and the sincretism. To honor Orula we need the Babalao but to honor Ocha we need the Oba of Oyo. Olorichas are the Kings. No prepotency, no disrecpect. At last instruments of Ocha. It's the Rule to Oyo and my Ile as Obakinioba. Bogbo to Ache Olodumare Obakinioba Obatesi www.munanso. com Publicado en Templo Lukumi y Santeria Online el martes 23 de enero/07 como respuesta al Awo Obafemi Santo. What is important is to realize that knowledge and teaching is nothing without Ache. That we as priesthood need the write memory of Ocha on Ifa and the Ache to reach the goal of to serve as instruments of Ocha in Onile and to complete our transition to Orun with ire and Blessings under the Rule of Odua, our common ancestor and King of Oyo, included Ife. The secret to the success of Chango, as a king, a man, a divinity is because Chango was gifted by Olofi with two Igbas to develop Onile as house of Ocha. Chango is Omoalara and also instrument of Orunmila and Olodumare as Ruler of Ocha and King of Oyo, the Empire of Egun and Ocha. The hierarchy of a Oni is the same at Onile that Araonu and if this hierarchy is confirmed by Odu there haven't another hierarchy at the scale of Hierarchies of Ocha. A thing is an advisor an other an Oricha. To interpret that Chango consult to Ifa through a babalao its precise to be babalao and to assume the Ife Doctrine and philosophy because Orunmila talk with Chango through Dilogun. Chango consult his Ifa through a babalao; It's another thing. Our head is in Orun, our body is in Ara if we are Oricha. I as spirit in transit saw an Awo as guide to come, here on Ara saw another Awoses to realize my Crown; it's also another thing. Chango don't lose the kingdom when gift Orula with Igba Iwa Odu. I also can’t agree with you about your statement “Ifa is not necessarily higher than the others.” because Ifa is a memory of Orunmila, one more of his system to let us Know How. Ifa isn’t Oricha and can’t to be included into Oricha hierarchy. Meanwhile He is, however, the communicator, the spokesman of Orula, Oricha of Wisdom. The only one appointed by Olodumare to deliver the message that brings about peace, harmony and balance is Orunmila, The Witness of Creation, and to propitiate this Blessings on Ara we need Ocha. Another thing to understand is that Ife, the Ifism and the babalaos conditioned by the Ife Program was establish a strong competition with Ocha, the Olorichas and the Diaspora without knowledge or enough wisdom of what the Diaspora is and mean to Ocha. It’s clear and evident the results of how someone can to interpret is own cultural program and how the different ways of colonialism can produce different interpretations of the same History and attitudes that can promote that many houses don’t want to work with babalaos to preserve the consecratory Ache of Olofi. The real problem is that the teaching of Ife is alienate of the Diaspora and Ocha as perpetuity of Oyo, the Kingdom of Odua. Obakinioba Obatesi www.munanso. com Publicado en lTemplo Lukumi y Santeria Online el miercoles 24 de enero/07 como respuesta a Awo Femi Santo There we have a lot of Blessings of Orun. Ache is definitely "The divine wisdom and intelligence of Olodumare." "A life is not fulfilled until one is BURIED by his own children". It's a perfect statement to describe how the spirit that reunite us talk about perpetuity and change referred to the Diaspora and Motherland. I can't agree with you that Ifa his "the glue that binds us all" because as Sign that carry information from Orunmila every tradition have is own interpretation according with his cultural inputs. The cultural inputs of Motherland aren't the same of Diaspora. Ifa is the Memory but to interpret it it's necessary to have the consecratory inputs of Ocha and the cultural vehicle to communicate it. Without Ocha Ifa haven't the primal meaning and the Ache. In this case the primacy of Ife haven't foundation and only reduce the strengthens of Ocha. We don't need go to Ocha throughout Ifa; we can go directly and to receive the Blessing of Olofi, Olorun and Olodumare. Only is needed Ache. Them, the "glue that binds us all" is Ache. Your statement about Ifa and Merindilogun is out of facts and deep understanding of our Foundations. Meanwhile Ifa have 16 Odus Dilogun have 21. The starting point was Odua and Oyo not Ife. Shells come first than seeds. This Foundation make possible that Lukumi Diaspora preserve the Ache and The Knowledge Base of Ocha as spiritual gift of our lineage. We deal with the shells of Yemaya and the Orichas to reach Olofi. Isn't' matter that Ife create a Program to recognize Lukumi Heritage, is that we know The History from the Beginning and Ife conditioned thinking can't recognize it, knowledge them can't to descend to Reality without tools; without Ache; this impede that babalaos work together with Lukumi. The Doctrine of Ife as became interpreted by Babalaos disrespect Ocha. Not too much Obas from the Lukumi Diaspora are requested by Ife to give the Blessing of Ocha on Nigeria or your school. Fish fried have the eyes open... There is a teaching of Chango Omoalara Olofi when retain the Igba Iwa Ache Oricha as Ruler to refund the Ifism and Ocha as philosophy of a New Diaspora and a New Ife into Oyo. Only the Oni send by Odu can Rule Ate. Olofi send his Son. Bogbo to Ache Olodumare. Obakinioba Obatesi http://munanso. com

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4 Mar 2008 @ 22:52 by rumgoatroses @ : Moforibale Orunmila
Aboyu Aboye Abosise:

I ve been into this orisha conciousness since ll yrs old!!!!
I have elekes, los gurreros............and a shrine for my patrons of my angle de garda for Oshun and Obatala.
Over a long time , even as a Chef working in the Hospitality industry of Gourmet cusine.....i have been shown , and have learned from my teacher(s) over the years OBI agbon!!!! Once i met a chef at the old harbor castle hilton in the eighty's who was making his own cowrie shell divination set for practice!!!! That was back in the day when we did things the old fashioned way without dependance upon a computer. Its hard to find a good knowledgable and iwa pele oriented Essay on this subject. I have been shown Ifa priests giving clay plant saucers as Ogun....I have seen Olrishas dump animal bodies, after only feeding orisa,,,,,then dispose of the body , with only the red river drained.......and as an ex Chef....thats one of the worst aspects of consumerism and rubbish circulating nowadays in our parks and forests !!!!
I have also seen a Babalawo show me his table of ifa.....it was a large CLay plant dish!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hence i have gotten into a lot of trouble from some whom cannot figure out iwa pele x256 Ethics of Ifa, and the last thing they wanna hear is me correct them for apparantly im only an omo ifa and ab orisa!!!!
Since no one has sent you a comment i thought it would be nice to complement you on this lil essay!!!! and the site munanso.com link!!!!!
Thanks you , daved camara!!!
Con la Benidcon de todos
se alaafia ni abures emi!!!  

9 Sep 2009 @ 19:12 by Sofi A. Hernandez @ : path for Obatala
I have been crown Obatala in Cuba, but i can't find information on my path.
I am looking for information on Obade Ocha.
What should my Necklace and things have.
Maybe you can help.

11 Aug 2011 @ 23:03 by system21 : El Imperio de Oyo actual
El Imperio de Oyo aunque en su evolucion historica fuera el punto de partida de lo que hoy preservamos como tradicion de Ocha y en su tiempo marcara el inicio de La Nacion Lukumi, no es en nuestros dias mas que El Fundamento Cultural de todo un conglomerado social multietnico, cultural y linguisticamente disperso, esparcido por el mundo secularizado y tecnologico moderno gracias a La Diaspora africana que preserva entre los iniciados de La Regla de Ocha una continuidad filosofica del Pensamiento Kosmico antagonico con los preceptos del humanismo y el teocentrismo doctrinal y que trasciende los conceptos de Nacion o Estado Nacional cohesionando la identidad de todos los Olochas en un Programa Cultural y de Desarrollo Humano encubierto en la Fe por la transculturacion occidental, pero que a pesar de los esfuerzos de algunos grupos afanados por El Poder Religioso no se ha consolidado oficialmente como Religion debido a la disociacion epistemologica existente entre La Ciencia representada por el Conocimiento holistico ancestral y La Religion dentro de la superestructura ideologica de la civilizacion Occidental.
La existencia del Imperio de Oyo en nuestros dias, a pesar de la fuerte tendencia a la secularizacion y la religiosidad propias de la espiritualidad, no es fruto de una leyenda; es un Fundamento Cientifico. El Imperio de Oyo gracias a La Diaspora cohesiona a un conglomerado de Olorichas que tienen vinculos historicos y antepasados comunes que son el Fundamento ideologico que los une sin distinciones de clase y/o privilegios de Jerarquia por antiguedad u Odu --Ogbedi-- y da coherencia en La Realidad secularizada global a todos los Olochas en su servicio destinado a la supervivencia de Los Orichas en Onile.
En momentos en que se suceden cambios en el paradigma civilizatorio de La Humanidad se impone el predominio de La Ciencia sobre La Religion.  

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