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 Odu.Obi Idajun,Obi Oracle;Apere texts for Chamalongo and Biague.Dilogun e-Glossa0 comments
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Want to learn or increase your knowledge to consult Chamalongo, Obi and Dilogun?.
Ache. The blessings of The Science reaches you.
The Munanso Kimbisa Ntoto invites the kongo lukumi community to subscribe to the Oracular Glossary.
The e-Glossary is intended to guarantee each Olocha and Palero full access to the Ancestral Oracular Wisdom systems of Palo Monte and Ocha Lukumi on the Web and in modern mobile communication systems.
Chamalongo, Obi Idajun, the oracle of Obi, Apere and Dilogun e-Glossary are now interactive digital resources available online..
With your subscription you can access the network for only $ 36 annually and to consult the secret meanings of kongo lukumi divination systems whenever you need it. Besides, your membership privileges will provide you with periodic updates for the study content, participate and interact in all forums and information resources exclusively for subscribers and expand your knowledge and comprehensive development in Palo Rules and Ocha.