20 Jan 2010 @ 01:02, by Max Tobin

I am pleased to announce that we have published a very interesting web book in the dnl format.

We believe it will prove to be very popular and hopefully stimulate some dialogue and see that the correct questions are asked to throw new light on the tragic death of Michael Jackson.

On behalf of an experienced local psychic we present another story from the one circulating in the mainstream media.

E-BOOK PRESS RELEASE 20th, January 2010


Michael Jackson's death evokes more questions than answers, and this unsolved mystery continues to concern or frustrate millions of his fans.

How did Michael Jackson really die?

The Michael Jackson Case was written for the many fans around the world who want to know what really led to the death of Michael Jackson, the 'King of Pop.'

Conflicting news reports with many stories circulate, and many say that the details provided through the media surrounding Michael's death, “simply don't add up.”

There are reports of a number of unsavory characters being intimately involved with Michael.

There is suspicion with regards to the timing of Michael's death occurring just days before his, 'This Is It Tour'.

Some in the Jackson family suspect foul play.

The in-home doctor allegedly administered the lethal shot which killed him; (perhaps he is a fall guy?)

All of these factors and more contribute to a case that warrants serious investigation.

The Michael Jackson Case contains the message Michael wishes to share with his massive fan base and to support the correct questions being asked of the right people. Here in this ebook, Michael shares enough to resolve any mystery and to share after his death those messages he could not while alive. Through a special relationship and telepathic process, Author Anet Star brings you the messages of Michael Jackson in a most unique page turning ebook format.

Claim your unlocked copy today to know more here Visit the Shareware ebook-shop

Note: You will need to download the reader (which will save to your downloads folder) run it as you would with a pdf reader, then you can access/save 'the stand alone' ebook to your desktop.

For further details please contact:

Max Tobin
Publisher, Marketing and Publicity

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