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picture picture 8 Jan 2006 @ 03:01, by Max Tobin

We have found a great deal of very useful information within the work of Carl Johan Calleman. His 'The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness' is a profound and insightful delving into the calendar which helps with the establishment of the Sacred Now and co-creation with the divine creator as a potent and real alternative to the present mind field which has us as victims in fear of the next explosion.
He recomends the interpretation of his work being presented currently through the wonderful work of Andi Macmillan
and Jag Stewart. In his own words "I whole heartedly recommend it for anyone who wants to be part of the process of transformation in the upcoming time and feel it may develop into a key source of information".

We have had a listen to a few of the broadcasts and it resonates as heartful truth and is worthy of passing on to all who are serious in choosing the service of awakening to our cosmic destiny as co creative player in the divine drama of humans evolution with Gaia.

Highly Recommended


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