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picture 14 Jul 2004 @ 15:21, by Max Tobin

Or is it scared now?

**** Think before you speak and be open to dialog if conflict arises. And most importantly KNOW THYSELF. This is mastery and the only way a New Civilization can happen.*****

And we must all practice what we preach if we are to walk in integrity!!!!!

I have been witness to all sorts of DRAMA in my life time. The games that go on in the wake up process are profound.
I have often refrained from commenting or entering into certain relationships as this was my way of taking it higher (choice with that which I resonate!!), and I have honoured a request to disengage when that was made. But now, profoundly amused, I find myself playing with blocks in the playground for the first time. And having seen words ex-pressed felt need to comment, so coming up against a block am here to respond.
This is a first, but always change is good, we will see where this goes to.

"I AM" as always seeking to remain open as a vehicle for SOURCE expression in the SACRED NOW.

Blessed be to all you awakening ones, may you shine brightly with your essence, true in Relation-ship NOW?

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14 Jul 2004 @ 17:07 by swanny : Thanks Max
Yes now is where the action and peace is
Thankyou for your words....


14 Jul 2004 @ 23:40 by maxtobin : And for yours too
I had seen some essence expression, some 'truths' with which I resonated from you in the public/private areas of the playground. I could neither affirm or otherwise those observations (reflections upon the nature of the sacred now!!)
Go well, and welcome.  

15 Jul 2004 @ 17:14 by sharie : refraining from comment
For most of my life, I reponded the same way, Max, "refraining from comment or entering into certain relationships". The gossip that goes on is so preposterous and ludicrous, my gosh, the things people make-up.

Because they don't know the truth about something, they fabricate scenarios that makes sense to them and then pass it off as "reality"?
Don't they realize this is the work of a delusional mind?

I had no desire to participate in such nonsense so I just went about my own life.

Over time I learned that the goofiness people created had snowballed behind my back, drowing me in an even bigger mess that they'd created.

So I shifted gears and decided to "comment" (to state my peace... my truth) to do my part in keeping the gossip and lies from snowballing out of proportion (not that it stops people from makin' up lies, and it doesn't stop the gossip, but at least I do my part in stating what's true).

Here's a true-to-life absurd example: This morning, a woman here in town told me that her church had sent my daughters a letter. The letter was not delivered to us, but returned to the church, so the group of ladies at the church decided that the address they had was for an apartment above the barbershop. They decided that I had been evicted for not paying the mortgage on my home, and then I was evicted from the barbershop apartment for not paying my rent, and so they were so concerned about me and my daughters being homeless.

So this was the gossip that had been going on for nearly a year.

Meanwhile, I was living in my home - which is paid off, I don't even have a mortgage - and it seems it was all a clerical error on their part that sent their letter to the barbershop apartment rather than my mailing address at the mail center ACROSS THE STREET from the barbershop.

The church ladies made up this ridiculous story and then lived as if it was true.

It was so outrageously ridiculous. So I told the church lady that we were still living in our home, and that our home was paid for. And the look on her face!

If you have any advice about how to get people committed to the truth and stop wallering in their hellish world of lies, I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for the post,

17 Jul 2004 @ 06:03 by maxtobin : A case of Miss-Understanding?
The "quote" (**** Think before you speak and be open to dialog if conflict arises. And most importantly KNOW THYSELF. This is mastery and the only way a New Civilization can happen.*****
was from a log by a bird in here that I found my self blocked from so I chose to respond here as it is an issue that I feel is important to the growing "new civ". Many wonderful words are spoken (written) about tolerance and light and embracing shadow and all number of groovy appropriate matters for us to grapple with. But so often there is no substance and Miss-Understanding gets into the drama and nothing at all seems to happen, but a big ol' a-void-dance of the big chance to come clean and grow in the KNOW of the self in the ship of relations!!

As Vaxen would say ... same ol' same ol'!!!  

17 Jul 2004 @ 14:10 by sharie : No conflict
When people are committed to the truth, there is no conflict. This is because working together to find the truth means that nothing distracts us. Our reward for this is a great and wonderful experience of life.

On the other hand, when we allow expert opinions, yellow journalism, professional theories and other forms of gossip, arrogant ignorance, rhinoceros-sized egos and the many varieties of cruelty to mislead us from the truth... we invariably end up with a conflict.

To be "open to dialog" can have positive results, but only when people care about the truth first and foremost (before egos, money, saving face, etc).

Thank you for presenting this topic.  

20 Jul 2004 @ 17:10 by maxtobin : No Conflict indeed
Conflict only occurs when there is a need for it! After Miss-understanding is not treated with love and/or compassion.
Yes in-deed when we have a missunderstanding conflict could develop if the ego/agenda/whateva requires that, or we could with loving intent dialogue/take it higher/or whateva (gets it into a heart moment of harmonious relations-vessel for traveling over oceans of emotions!)

Working/being/playing together is the way, (and for all his many discordant bits Crowley got one thing very right. LOVE IS THE LAW: LOVE UNDER WILL)
We are all of us at choice as to how we engage in the eternal drama of polarity dance in the SACRED NOW.

Blessings to our New World E-Merging through the angles of past/present/future into the curves of the spiralling eternal moment. (All credit to the Creator and the Emerald Tablets for ongoing DIVINE on-site vibratory tuning)

For only by being eternally vigilant and vibrating with ONE SOURCE will the dark agenda disolve in the light of our collective embrace. = NO CONFLICT.

Stand and be counted make the waves we emit the vibration of SOURCE of course.  

20 Jul 2004 @ 18:27 by ov : Sacred Now
Emerald Tablets? Have you read much Rudolf Steiner, Max? I'm a little fuzzy on this but I think he had something to do with emerald tablets, but I forget exactly what.

***The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantian translated from the alchemical talismans themselves by Dr M Doreal.  

20 Jul 2004 @ 22:13 by lucas : Tangent of Why I feel conflict arises
The human mind is tricky. It will lead you to believe you have found your way, when really you havent. Take someone who has been raised to hate another race and to preceive them as inferior. They know with all their being that this race is lesser than they, yet really we are all the same capable entity. This is the problem I have with the human mind because to me if you really believe in something, it is your truth. And what you believe in doesnt necessarily have to be a good thing; The mind will make it a good thing because you believe in it wholly. So I guess Im trying to relay that truth is different for everybody. There is more than one truth, for good or bad. And then I guess Im trying to say, you need to know which one youve actually found. But Im not disagreeing with anything already stated, Im just adding my own doubtfully negative interpretation on the discussion. I felt the need.  

21 Jul 2004 @ 04:50 by maxtobin : Only as long as ....
Monkey (trickster) mind is the Boss can such a situation exist. Take the longest journey that a human being can ever make (a journey of four hand spans length) and you will know through your own heart wisdom your own truth (the one you own too!!) and come to discern and respect an others position (even if not their truth). Always one truth leads to another higher and more encompasing one, and then that too is transcended untill one finally realises they are the truth in fluid and dynamic resonance with source wisdom.

This is the 'Good Red Road' the wise ones of the land of America speak of.

Take it all higher into the heart wisdom and the need for conflict will vanish, as ego assumes its valid role as servant in the DIVINE PLAY, and we "Bless Gaia" for her patiently awaiting our slow awakening and tolerance of our present collective foolishness!!  

3 Feb 2005 @ 23:05 by vaxen : What the?
Well this is a journey back in time. Is this a glitch in the system or something more? Some nice thoughts. I will continue to reflect upon the 'sacred cow.' We are having a nice beef-roast/Max roast, for dinner, so that should add another dimension to my reflections in a looking glass. Thanks Max and if you are back, or never left, good to see you...  

1 Mar 2005 @ 07:00 by maxtobin : You ol' time bandit u!
Thanks for dropping by!! That one slipped below the radar for quite a while did it not.
Never left, just have some other priorities in the more local less virtual garden that needs attention. Busy juggling the sacred sun and tending to what must be done, if u know wot I mean. This is the year for grand awakening it seems that Gaia (and we her children) have been given a dispensation by the Lords of Karma and she will not be marinating our stupidity to the same extent that has happened in the past. Won't that be a shock for the sicko control freaks who are lost in the illumined game?

Glad you appreciate a good beef roast (with an appropriate marinade?) there Vaxen I'd guess that beast will be from the top of the hill not deep in the barn (and fed on GEE that tastes unusual!!)

Same ol' same ol' brother, them that dont wanna, dont, see (just like the ostrich)  

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