Maxims: In honouring Gaia and the Changes    
 In honouring Gaia and the Changes2 comments
24 Apr 2004 @ 20:01, by Max Tobin

A Guiding Star Through the Apocalypse
A Perspective on the Millennium
©Richard Leviton

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As this article is copyright I provide the link only here. I would recommend this as very interesting reading in view of the concerns expressed by a number of the NCN members (and perhaps of interest to many who are not also) regards the 'light' 'dark' polarity and the changes as Gaia and we her childern (we who are also the vehicle for the divine 'I AM" expressing in the material realm) birth the New Civilization and return to the 'promised garden paradise'.

About the Author:
A journalist in the field of health, alternative medicine, natural healing spirituality, metaphysics, geomancy, and Earth Mysteries for 25 years, Leviton has published more than 400 feature articles in national magazine and served as Editor for two national magazines. He has conducted seminars and field trips on sacred sites and spirituality, in the U.S., England, and Norway. He is currently senior editor for Hampton Roads Publishing Company in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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25 Apr 2004 @ 01:50 by nemue : Inspiring
...thank you for posting this. We desire constant reinforcement that the pain and struggle is all part of our global plan. It is so easy to lose sight when the pain gets too much..

Blessings Nemue  

3 Feb 2005 @ 19:01 by craiglang : Thanx Max
Since I'm one of those who have expressed concern in this area, I thank you for posting this. I look forward to reading it in more detail.

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