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picture 5 Mar 2004 @ 03:54, by Max Tobin

Congratulations and a heart felt thanks to all those whose energy and commitment was involved in pulling off this little bit of SANITY. We pray that this is the thin end of the wedge and that others will follow suit. I guess it gives us all encouragement around the globe with our grass roots shoe string operations and the Battle against the corporate control agenda. This one is for people power and offers us hope for a bright future!!!

The People of the County of Mendocino ordain as follows:

Section 1. Finding. The people of Mendocino County wish to protect the county's agriculture, environment, economy, and private property from genetic pollution by genetically modified organisms.

Section 2. Prohibition. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to propagate, cultivate, raise, or grow genetically modified organisms in Mendocino County.

Section 3. Definitions.
(a) Genetically modified organisms means specific organisms whose native intrinsic DNA has been intentionally altered or amended with non species specific DNA. For purposes of this ordinance, genetic modification does not include organisms created by traditional breeding or hybridization, or to microorganisms created by moving genes or gene segments between unrelated bacteria.
(b) DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid means a complex protein that is present in every cell of an organism and is the 'blueprint' for the organism's development.
(c) Organism means any living thing.
(d) Agricultural Commissioner means the Agricultural Commissioner of Mendocino County.

Section 4. Penalties.
(a) The Agricultural Commissioner shall notify any person, firm, or corporation that may be in violation of Section 2 of this Ordinance, that any organisms in violation of this Ordinance are subject to confiscation and destruction.

(b) Any person, firm, or corporation that receives notification under subparagraph (a) shall have five (5) days to respond to such notification with evidence that such organisms are not in violation of this Ordinance.

(c) Upon receipt of any evidence under paragraph (b), the Agricultural Commissioner shall consider such evidence and any other evidence that is presented or which is relevant to a determination of such violation. The Agricultural Commissioner shall make such determination as soon as possible, but at least before any genetic pollution may

(d) Upon making a determination that a violation of this Ordinance exists, the Agricultural Commissioner shall cause to be confiscated and destroyed any such organisms that are in violation of this Ordinance before any genetic pollution may occur.

(e) If the Agricultural Commissioner determines there has been a violation of this Ordinance, in addition to confiscation and destruction of any organisms that are found to be in violation, the Agricultural Commissioner shall impose a monetary penalty on the person, firm, or corporation responsible for the violation, taking into account the amount of damage, any potential damage, and the
willfulness of the person, firm, or corporation.

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5 Mar 2004 @ 09:42 by craiglang : Human changes?
It would be interesting to see a test of the law when modifications of human genome occur - say to cure some human genetic disease. Reading the law, I saw no distinction between plant, animal or human. So, according to the letter of this law, any person having such a modified genome would have to be destroyed.

Imagine a possible scenario in violation of this law - an person having genetic therapy to correct a disease-bearing gene, such as a pre-cancerous condition or hereditary birth defect. That, in itself would make the person illegal.

Imagine that while living in Mendocino county this person then becomes a parent, thus passing on the modified genes. The child would then also qualify as a genetically modified organism created in Mendocino county, and so this child would technically be in violation of the law. By the reding of this law, the child (and perhaps the parent) would have to be destroyed... (!!!)

Given current research in gene therapy for disease such as Multiple Schlerosis and other autoimmune diseases, cancer, etc. - I can imagine that this scenario might not be too far off. Somehow I doubt that humans were intended to be subject to the law, but the letter of the law makes no such distinction.


Another thought - there is no distinction in the law between human-modified and, perhaps, modifications by others - such as (hypothetical?) ETs. There is some speculation that we are all the results of genetic modification by ETs, be they the Annunaki, the Grays, etc... So by this law, doesn't this mean that we are all illegal and must be destroyed?

Something interesting to think about... :-)  

5 Mar 2004 @ 14:25 by maxtobin : All very theoretical I Believe
Hey Craig I would be very interested to get the links that will prove that gene therapy for these diseases will work as promised. Oh I guess until we have done the experiment and developed the proteins (or whatever) we will not know for sure (in terms of reductionist science) what is the result of this golden promise of the wonder cure. Hey I believe that the detox of intergenerational chemical poisoning will have an even more efficient effect in these cases. Hey Craig did you check up on Stella Watkins story and the whole systems treatment of such dis-ease using Bio-energetic Medical techniques? I know that this works from personal experience and Stella cured her self of a very debilitating condition which modern allopathic medicine can not deal with.

I am not at all familiar with MS as a condition. I am confident that an organic chemically free vegetable diet carefully planned and bio energetic work would help in this sort of situation. That said, I am not claiming any expertise in this arena. Merely a general observation of how ill health conditions respond to diet and life style changes from twenty five years of involvement with various disciplines in the alternative field.

I hear your reading of this law Craig and feel that you have missed the point. The law is quite obviously aimed at the Agricultural sector and **propagate, cultivate, raise, or grow genetically modified organisms in Mendocino County.** is what is specifically mentioned.

I personally do not think that gene therapy is any more than a hugely expensive experiment. Consciousness of the consequence of our agricultural and industrial and household activities would go further IMHO to 'cure' the situation. To use poisons so unconsciously and to be disappointed (and some how feel like a victim of a hostile and unforgiving 'Nother Nature" who must therefore be controlled and manipulated) when more and more disese manifests in the community is IMHO the sign of a species that has yet to fully grow into conscious awareness. In my world view all material manifestation is the result of consciousness. It is my experience that the DNA is able to be transformed (mutated), and activated by conscious volition and that we would be far better off to look in this direction for the needed cures to our dis-eases. In my world view all disease is a divine sign that we are needing to change the way we move, for when one (the body of humanity) moves in total harmony then there will be no dis-ease.

As for the ET issue, I think this is irrelevent as the human consciousness is capable of experiencing a oneness condition with the "ALL THAT IS" and is therefore all that is needed. The human body (which by the way carries the DNA manipulated or not by whom matters not, hey it changes at each conception does it not) is merely the vehicle for the play of this divine consciousness.

I have seen Time machines and craft and still say so what, there is no harm will come from any ET which has divine consciousness, so my humble suggestion is that we as humanity learn to vibrate in resonance with the divine and all will be fine!! Hey I guess there will be a small problem if there are some dark ET types that want to screww with our ecology, which Court would we want to meet them in to hold them accountable?

Just a point of view from a traveller on the path!!

I speak to the divine in you and send blessings from Aotearoa.  

5 Mar 2004 @ 14:33 by craiglang : The potential
Hi Max,
I think that the Mendocino GM law is an entierely different discussion from the merits of any different therapy, genetic, electronic, energetic, dietary or otherwise. I'm familiar with your views on such things, (and I don't necessarily disagree with them).

To answer your question regarding the whether there is a working gene therapy, I believe that there is no such thing yet - and methinks that it is probably a long way off. However, we don't actually have to have a working treatment yet, at any given point, to have a problem with the Mendocino GM law as you have described it above. Simply the potential of a therapy is sufficient for a real problem.

By this law, anyone bearing a genetic correction - say, to a congenital birth defect - would have to be killed. I somehow doubt that is the intent of the law, which means that it needs to be reworded a bit... :-)

The law says nothing about human consciousness, nor anything about "The One", etc. That is really beyond the bounds of the legal domain, for better or for worse. In addition, what the law is "obviously aimed at" is really not relevent in legal circles, which is where the law would be applied. History is full of laws written for one purpose, but applied for another. So by "missing the point" as you say, I am actually getting at a very important one - that there is a significant problem with the way the law is worded.  

5 Mar 2004 @ 14:47 by craiglang : Conscious beings
Another thought - there is considerable discussion as to which species are conscious and which aren't. We all agree that humans are, and are capable of union with God. However, many (including myself) believe that much of nature also fits that distinction. Also, I believe that animals are clearly conscious beings and have their own special relationships with God. So again, we find there is little distinction between humans and other forms of life.  

5 Mar 2004 @ 14:49 by maxtobin : Go talk to them Craig
I still think you miss the point. You would need to bring your Ethical enquiry to the Mendicino County.

**By this law, anyone bearing a genetic correction - say, to a congenital birth defect (would have to be killed) **

I think this is not relevent, but yes there could be a potential problem, however, the sanity inherent in this law IMHO would idicate that if some where some time the Scientific medical community come up with these wonder cures for gene linked birth defects or diseases then the law of such a sane people would be made to read to reflect this and allow any one who wanted to embrace such a technological solution to do so. (The laws are constantly changing to reflect the peoples needs are they not?)
IMHO the answer is not to be found in manipulation and control systems belief, but in WHOLE HOLY SYSTEMS where the divine nature of creation is en-joyed every day.

So go enjoy your day, or is it evening for you there in the Land of Free speech.  

5 Mar 2004 @ 14:50 by craiglang : Afternoon, actually
True about the issue being one of legal fine points - we all love lawyers, don't we...
From a legal perspective, if the Mendocino law were actually to be interpreted in the way I was describing above, there would be a zillion constitutional issues. Yet, I believe that the income tax system is also unconstitutional. So constitutional guarantees are not really guarantees...

At the moment, I am taking a break from the corporate grind.
Fun in cubeworld, playing in cyberspace... :-)  

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