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picture 23 Feb 2004 @ 23:53, by Max Tobin

I encourage everyone to do all they can to support this initiative to bust the control agenda hologram!!!

February 26th, 2004, at 10 AM EST

***Call for Solidarity from GE FREE VERMONT CAMPAIGN!***

70 Vermont Towns
Hundreds of Vermont Farmers
Thousands of Concerned Neighbors

Join The Global Movement
Against Genetically Engineered Crops!

***Call For Solidarity from GE FREE VERMONT CAMPAIGN!***

Dear Friends and Allies around planet Earth,

We write from the little green mountain state of Vermont (pop. 600,000) in the northeastern USA, and we greet you in the spirit of our state motto: "Freedom and Unity."

We write to you to share our story, and to ask you to join us at 10 AM EST on Thursday, February 26th 2004, with seeds of solidarity for a GE Free future.

Here in Vermont, we are very strong. On Thursday, there is a likelihood that our STATE SENATE WILL PASS THE FIRST BILL in the USA TO PROHIBIT THE PLANTING OF GENETICALLY ENGINEERED SEEDS, INCLUDING THOSE ALREADY ON THE MARKET. We are gearing up for a big moment, and this moment will be only the beginning of our struggle.


? In the Belly of the Biotech Beast:

As you are aware, the US government--beholden to the interests of corporate agribusiness--has force fed genetically engineered crops into the mouths of millions of people in America, and onto countries across the globe. The Bush administration has even gone so far as to take Europe to the World Trade Organization to challenge the EU moratorium on GMO crops. Monsanto and their industry buddies, armed with their greedy ambitions for contamination and domination with GMO crops, have silenced regulatory agencies inside the US, and the biotech industry's multi-million dollar public relations machine have churned out myth after myth that genetically engineered crops are good for us.

? The Town-to-Town Campaign:

That's why thousands of people across the state of Vermont have been educating, organizing, and mobilizing at the grassroots level for more than a decade, to stop the gene giants from taking over our small family farms, and asserting our power as communities to decide to be GE Free.

The Town-to-Town Campaign on genetic engineering has been a groundswell of grassroots community organizing, and 70 Vermont towns (that's one third of Vermont) have passed resolutions at annual town meetings calling for a moratorium on GMO crops, and declaring moratoria in local municipalities.

Town meeting happens the first Tuesday in March, every year. It is a bastion of the US revolutionary era, and is a model of local, face-to-face community decision-making. Residents of every town gather to debate and decide on issues like the town roads, library, schools, and increasingly, issues of local and global significance: from the occupation of Iraq, to global warming, to a moratorium on genetically engineered crops.

? Farmers say "Time Out on GMOs!":

Alongside Town-to-town campaign organizing, hundreds of farmers--organic and conventional, dairy and
vegetable--have signed on to the pledge not to plant GE crops and to support the Time Out on GMOs. Vermont's dairy farms are the hallmark of our landscape, economy, and heritage. Our farms are increasingly threatened, with commodity prices falling, Milk Protein Concentrates (MPCs) from overseas flooding the market, and corporate factory farming pushing small producers out of business.

Vermont is #1 in the U.S. in percentage of organic food acres in our state -- at 24%. Vermont also boasts 70% of the organic acreage in all of New England. For Vermont's organic farmers, coexistence of GMO and non-GMO crops can only mean contamination and loss of livelihood. For the consumers in the northeast USA, this contamination could lead to the complete loss of GE Free local food.

In November of last year, the GE Free Vermont campaign learned that an organic corn farm in our state tested positive for GMO contamination. We built a movement to say "coexistence=contamination," and a rallying cry for a "Time Out on GMOs!"

? Monsanto Out of Montpelier:

With the surge of grassroots organizing for a Time Out on GMOs by farmers, environmentalists, organic
consumers, global justice activists, and others over the past three years, the state legislature in Montpelier (the smallest state capitol in the US, AND THE ONLY ONE WITHOUT A MCDONALD'S) has taken up the issue. And Monsanto and the industry lobby group 'Crop Life America' have flocked to our state.
Three bills are currently in play in our state legislature:

? The Right to Know Act: A definition of GMOs, mandatory GE seed labeling, and mandatory reporting of seed sales by manufacturers.

? The Farmer Protection Act: Shifts strict liability away from the farmer and places it squarely on the shoulders of the corporate manufacturers.

? The TIME OUT ON GMOs: A TWO YEAR MORATORIUM on planting genetically engineered crops in the state of Vermont!!!!



On Thursday morning, Monsanto has been allotted three hours to speak to our lawmakers.

On Thursday, February 26th, 2004, at 10 AM EST, we will march through the streets of Montpelier calling for a TIME OUT ON GMOs, carrying heirloom seeds-- saved by our state's first certified organic dairy farmer--in our hands, and hope in our hearts.

We invite you, wherever you are, to join us in solidarity. We invite you to take action as part of the global struggle for our food, our farms, and our future.

We join you in the fight for a GE Free Future: in India; in the Philippines; in Brazil; in Mexico; in the UK; in New Zealand; in Mendocino, California; in Italy; in Thailand; in El Salvador; in Georgia; in Peru; in Paraguay; in Zambia; in Syria; across the prairies of North America; across the EU; everywhere...WE JOIN YOU IN THE FIGHT TO SAVE THE SEEDS!

Light a candle. Plant a seed. Say a prayer. Host a GMO free food stall. Gather in front of your local biotech corporation and tell them a precedent is about to be set inside the US that could start to really turn the tide. The grassroots democracy campaign for a GE Free Vermont is part of the global grassroots struggle for democracy and the future of agriculture. The senate vote for a moratorium in Vermont could be a domino inside the belly of the biotech beast, setting of a chain reaction of courage to say no to GMOs.

The Bush Administration took the EU to the WTO saying that the people of the US are glad to have genetically engineered agriculture. They lied.

Tell your neighbors, friends, and networks that the Vermont state Senate is voting on a moratorium on genetically engineered crops, and this little state is standing up to Monsanto and the corporate power brokers. We are taking a big step toward a GE free future. But this will only be the beginning. If the Senate votes a Time Out on GMOs, Monsanto, Crop Life, and company will inevitably dump millions into stopping the bill from becoming law.

The Time Out campaign is people power in action. This is happening because people from all walks of life--from the countryside and the towns--farmers, parents, students, and communities---have organized and mobilized, called their senators, taken direct action, hosted meetings, showed films, said prayers, visited their neighbors, and marched on Montpelier. We have testified, we have called, we have written, and we have spoken. AND WE WILL WIN.

And we invite you to join us in this moment: February 26th, 2004, at 10 AM EST, with seeds of solidarity, change, and hope.

###For campaign updates and more information:


###Tell us about your solidarity actions:

Phone: 802.223.7222 / 802.279.0985
Post to the web:

***To make a donation to the Campaign!!***

**By pay pal: [link]

**By Mail:
c/o 15 BARRE ST STE 2
MONTPELIER VT 05602-3582

In Solidarity, Freedom, and Unity!


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25 Feb 2004 @ 19:29 by jmarc : GENETICALLY ENGINEERED
Just wondering,Max, what is the definition of GENETICALLY ENGINEERED in this proposed law? Is grafting genetically engineered? How about cross pollenating? I'm wondering where the line is.  

5 Mar 2004 @ 03:34 by maxtobin : Genetically engineered
I dont know about the Vermont Law proposed BUT I do see that one has been passed in California (see later log) and we pray that this is the thin end of a very real wedge in this field.

Genetic Engineering involves the identification (so the scientists tell us) of a piece of gene code linked to the manufacture of a specific protein (Usually) which is inserted by a number of mechanisims into another species at the neucleus level where it is hoped that it will "insert" into the "parent" chromosomes in just the right pplace and there interact and give the next generation a new set of qualities. It is a rather primative technology in my view and not often predictable in delivering the desired results. Given that gene codons do not act in isolation the stability of any given trait over a number of generations has not yet been looked at to my knowledge.
Typical "GE" (genetic engineering) will produce a "GMO" (genetically modified organism which is almost certainly produced without a natural orgasm of any kind!!)
The commercial applications are mostly developed by companies like Monsanto to breed Glyposphate tolerance, ie the manufacturers of "round up" agricultural poison are breeding plants (they will own the intellectual property as a result and thus can sue a farmer for growing patented seed if their crops are contaminated) which they call round up ready. This means they can spray the growing crop with roundup weed killer and it won't kill the crop. This is good agriculture they would have us believe. What it means is that more round up will be sprayed on food crops and these crops won't die so they will end up on the table for you and I to eat (easy extrapolation to see that they will therefore have more poison in them). This is good for the ecconomy as the Seed Company "own" the seed stock and farmers can not save seed from one year to the next. The consummer gets more agricultural poison in their food so the medical profession have more customers and the "ellusive" causes of cancer and other immune dis-eases can be sought by researchers and the drug companies can develop wonder drugs to cure the symptoms and so on and on. The FDA love it all as they have reason to exist while people do such humane things to each other in the name of agricultural efficiency. I find it all very worrying on one level as it is so obvious if you stop to think a little (especially obvious if you stop and think with the heart), but to prove the links in a scientific way to the reductionist scientific world is not possible, it requires some whole system thinking.

Oh, does that tell you what GE is?

Grafting it is not and selective breeding it is not, nor is it hybridising. BUT GE crops can cross pollinate and that makes the farmers cross also. Check up on Percy Schmiser (May be spelled wrong the surname) a Canadian Canola farmer and his battle with Monsanto for a modern day version of the David and Goliath story. I can provide more links for your education process if that is of interest.  

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