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picture 13 Jan 2004 @ 16:49, by Max Tobin

As always in the month of January, I pause to reflect on all that has occurred in the last year and what I might possibly expect for the year to come. What I may hope to achieve or wish to avoid being involved in. This year I have much to be thankful for and much that I have learned and now desire to integrate with the moving and dancing in linear time. I have been presented with many opportunities to reassess my strategies and belief system. It seems that the Core (Heart) values stay and that the times (Earth & Societal Changes) I have long been sensing are now impossible to deny.

We are all of us at choice, many of us, however, are not fully cognisant yet of what that means and the powerful consequences of that reality. We are being asked by our times, by the planet and humanities evolutionary position to wake up to new (previously unnoticed?) realities. Newly (possibly) identified needs for a balancing of the sharing of finite planetary resources, the need to address the inequities within our social organisations, either consciously or unconsciously! A need perhaps to reassess the basis of our systems of valuing things and people, defiantly a need to integrate more global approaches to the social challenges that face us. There is I believe a need to get beyond merely existing to fill our empty bellies and indulge our equally empty egos. Perhaps it is a time to discover the wonder of hearts filled with joy as we admire and share the magnificence of creation, and the enormous potential of humanity, made all the more intense as we realise how truly close to destruction we have allowed ourselves collectively to move

But on a personal level we are given the chance to become very aware of the laws of cause and effect. Our health and sense of well-being is directly linked to our nourishment and manner of celebrating the joy of or in our life.

At Christmas time we celebrate in ways that are meaningful to each individual in different ways. It is a time of harvest anticipation and sun worship in our southern hemisphere. We go to the beach and swim to deal with the often intense heat and because it is such a pleasurable activity. Many of us indulge in orgies of eating heavy rich well cooked foods more appropriate to the midwinter situation that our northern hemisphere ancestors would be experiencing. We drink often excessive amounts of alcohol as we attempt to release/escape the stress of our routine existence, or to deal perhaps with the discomfort we feel/sense in our social interactions?

I have discovered through practice that I am feeling better in my body if I eat less cooked foods and more fresh fruit and vegetables. We are fortunate to be able to take a salad every day from our garden, this helps considerably as it provides nourishment on a number of levels. Similarly by consuming small amounts of wine I am able to enjoy the warming effects and still maintain social interactions which feel meaningful. My long time study of alternative healing gives me a good understanding of the value of such a regime. I try to integrate this ‘knowing’ with my daily ‘doing’ and find that it leads to ever more desirable states of ‘being’. This becomes a self feed back system as the healthy body (Temple of the soul) can integrate more and more refined knowing and understanding which in turn leads to more enjoyable doing and so on it goes. (As a song composed by a friend says, “one foot in front of the other, that’s how we carry on….”)

At this time I look at the society I am a part of and while I desire not to be apart from this community, I am increasingly unable to be OK with so much of what is happening and what has become acceptable custom. And amongst the community we discover others who are equally motivated to live the wisdom of the ages and integrate the knowing of our ancestors. I know that the divine I AM is ever present and guiding my path, I learn to listen with my heart and discover there is a new way (for me) to be at ONE with this story. It is just how I have always been!! But now I know how to describe it and to fit it into the evolving ‘mind picture’ I have of my reality. Now that I have it in mind I can verbalise and share, and there is no higher pleasure than to share the great ahh-ha of awakening heart!!

So as one embraces the divine I AM and presence, this leads us to the Sacred Now and an understanding that may allow us to step off the wheel of Karma and become the enlightened presence WE ARE IN THE SACRED NOW. Much follows from these realisations of the nature of time and our place in it. For when we are truly able to be present in the NOW we discover our Divine nature and escape the traps of past and future (they absorb very nicely into this NOW) and the roundabout ride of our hopes and fears. We come to accept where we are collectively and to realise that if others like to drop shit all over the place then we can only observe this and comment as we feel is wise, some do not like to be told they are shitting in the garden. Remember that the one who shits so unconsciously will soon move along and seek fresh places to foul and we can clean up the mess and put the waste into the compost. All waste can become an asset

From the meditations of Alana and Max comes profound guidance from the Master of the Pyramid, we are honoured and blessed by his presence and sharing. The insight provided into cosmic law is of value in maintaining a sense of wellbeing in these times. Here is a short excerpt of a recently received gifting: (as a part of guided meditation using the powers of the great pyramid)

“***You see as ONE chooses, that one choice may have a significant impact in the collective and although it is a free will zone, it must be determined whether that choice will have significant impact on the collective, or the one doing the choosing. As the one doing the choosing is effecting the choice of the one and the many. There are a certain series of permissions that must be given when a particular set of circumstances are to directly impact and influence the group.

As a capacitor and as a conscious self you become more aware of specific laws and how to work with those laws as a sovereign identity and yet acknowledging consciously your inherent relationship with the ALL.

As One becomes more aware, they come to comprehend and understand the true nature of the WE (Collective Consciousness). There is the ‘I’ that is source, and the ‘I’ that is me, the ‘I’ that is WE (Source expressing thru’ me) and then that ‘I’ which is expressing thru’ Humans. And then there is the ‘I’ greater than We, the greater ‘I’ that is the bigger WE or community.****”

This is deep, as are all the communications we receive while in these spaces, and in my view, profound wisdom is being gifted us to share at this time. This ‘knowing’ is not incompatible with any of the deeper teachings of the awakened heart art (religion is usually a debasement of such heart wisdom in my view).

So this nourishment and celebration, both are a joy to share at this time. Take it and make of it what you will, for we will still be here tomorrow and we will be here until our work is done and we return as ONE to be as joyous children in our Mothers embrace dancing our celebration of Fathers sustaining power.

PS. The pyramid meditations and visualisations are an excellent way to focus the Source Light as Heart Joy. But caution as it can be a very painful awakening as we release and let go of all that is not truly REAL in the SACRED NOW.

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