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picture 29 Dec 2003 @ 17:39, by Max Tobin

Not only in America, this could/can and does happen in other parts of the world where the pharma farming clubs income generating activities are threatened.

We witness the legacy of the inquisition and the burning of witches. In my view this event is in the same league. As a people in transition we are needing to totally reassess our attitudes to health and healing and the legislation that allows our current state of depravity to exist. Only when we can address these issues as empowered sovereign individuals will we be able to break free of the systems that disempower us and prevent our living in the sacred now as free creative healthy beings, just as the divine creator intended.

In response to a question I had regards getting product when the FDA had closed down the activities of a company who have a product that is based on a traditional cure for cancer. I received the following reply. To say that I am surprised would not be a truth, to say that I am sad on this day to be a member of the human race and to need to witness such disgusting stupidity is closer to the truth. To say that I am angry and pissed to receive this information regards the incarceration of a person who has a desire to help fellow humans where there has been a break down in healthy functioning would be far more accurate. We live in a very sad and sick world and this situation is being milked by greedy groups who continue to manipulate and farm dis-ease for profit. The FDA are their enforcment body and are behaving like criminals (or dare we say it as the SS did in another part of history) Thus 'Bozo the Clown' but it 'aint funny at all!! this is not an isolated incident

Extract from my e-mail with reply detail in the body!!!

****So some questions come to mind;

How can we get product at this time (Cansema 3) is of interest as a friend has just been diagnosed as having bowel cancer and is in a line for the cut it out doctors to have a go?

Unfortunately there is no product to ship or sell at this time. The FDA took all of the stock that we had. The person who made the products has been arrested and we believe (negotiations are still on-going), he may be on "vacation" for 3 to 5 years.

Would there be any gain in looking to base activities in a friendly Polynesian Island Nation?

I'm sure there are advantages, such as being able to sell the products freely to anyone who wanted to purchase them of their own free will...however, we now have to deal with the issues at hand (like getting our herbalist out of jail).****

In days gone by (we are told by history) we had irrational fear of the healing power of the wise women and their herbs; they often ended their lives in a fiery display of human cruelty. We claim to be civilized now? This same thing continues to happen. Not being based in the US may be an advantage in this instance, but I wonder what more I can do? I wish to make as many aware of this situation as is possible without interfering with the chances of these good people finding a JUST outcome. This is a holographic symptom of all that I find disgusting in this Human (not yet Humane) existence

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29 Dec 2003 @ 18:46 by sharie : My opinion...
Wow, and a similar story has happened - is happening - to many others who have dared to create alternative cures to the synthetic chemicals of the pharmaceutical companies.

From what I have read, FDA agents confiscating the herbal remedies and other personal property (sometimes floatation tanks, sometimes "zappers", etc.) the agents have been brain-washed to believe that it is the stuff of quacks and charletons.

From what I've read, pharmaceutical and other chemical companies have been bribing FDA officials for decades. Donald Rumsfeld was hired straight out of the U.S. Defense Department and into the title of President of Searle Pharmaceuticals... was instrumental in getting the poison aspartame approved by the FDA... and then went right back to being head of the U.S. Defense Department again. Anyone following the careers of these *gentlemen* can see the calculated, greedy, murderous intent. They create toxic chemicals, biological weapons (including Depleted Uranium) and then profit from the pharmaceutical sales that are prescribed by the doctors. The concoctions created by the pharmaceutical companies are such unknowns to the doctors, the doctors are simply taking the advice of the pharmaceutical salesman... who are making giant salaries for the *sales*.  

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