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picture 27 Dec 2003 @ 05:05, by Max Tobin

It happened in Auckland, the unzipping of Gaia. We had been told that it was time and we should listen to the Earth. So we did, and here at the annual Gardeners festival in Auckland known as the Ellerslie Flower Show. We got to see the process in a rather beautiful and symbolic way. This revealing of the core gets right to the heart of the matter in my opinion.

For surely our earth mother Gaia has a living need to rearrange the habitat a little, she will show us her CORE and we must know it in the same way, at CORE.

So the heart of the matter is about timing and the insensitive way our community has evolved to support our mutual and interdependent dance of life here on planet. Off Planet is another story (or is it?), for all of creation is subject to certain laws. Free will evolution of a species has been seeded in this zone and ongoing now for a good long time. Man as gardener is in my view the highest expression of intelligence applied to the vehicle of existence. So as gardeners we approach life with a certain reverence, a certain willingness to sacrifice self in service of the story, and so a certain knowing of the Divine process is gifted to all who are expressing creativity in this or any other field of endeavour.

‘We live in interesting times!’ oh yes that is certain also. The announcement of a light travelling, time knowing, ET contact with cooperative intergalactic interaction in mind in a-cor-dance with the law of non-interference, FOR SURELY the divine has decreed expression in delight and this to be shared for sure!! ET communication

So all this has been announced and our affirming contemplation of this as desirable will lead to our collective knowing of the nature of the sacred now as an ongoing and constant reality for sharing. The ‘Sacred Now’ and our place within the galactic structure of civilization, this is the promise of our times, the birthright of our human heritage. For this is truly what has been gifted in the knowing of time as a dimension with differing band widths and densities. The sacred now is freed of the past and future, and we are freed of fears and hopes therefore. Information on nature of time!

The ALL awakens inevitably and without any doubt or confusion, there is a divine plan and always has been. A simple choice for knowing unity within the creation will lead to heart knowing and divine alignment. There will be drastic changes on this planet as Gaia realigns her physical being as part of the birthing of this evolved cosmically prepared and divinely affirmed way of being

We are being gifted with the ancient knowing and all we need do is say: YES I do, I AM willing to serve the ALL that is through being ALL that I AM capable of through heart expressed.

This is a call to any who wish to see past the crisis and into that realm of the wondrous time prophesied, to just get on down and do it. Give life in the sacred now a big tick and get healthy and into tune with our divinely abundant planet. We will be guided to those locations where we will be safe and of greatest service, there is no doubt that the Creator has always supported our free willed choice to evolve and explore. Divine law is that as you believe and expect then so it is!! There are however limits when the obvious laws are broken for any significant length of time. Humankind is being forced to leave the separated isolated point of view (egocentric) behind as they are asked to realise the power and significance of the collective (unity with and through the creator).

It is time now to open to the treasures of the Eternal Ocean and the wisdom of the Dolphin/Whale community as they anchor the divine impulse that is moving through the waters. The ancient wisdom of sound, of play and breath, the balancing of the emotional with the logical mind as we learn to integrate the hemispheres and come to new levels of knowing the creation and playing our parts in the grand unfolding and remembering. The Great Healing and Balancing, as integrity and reality walk together again and we honour our choice to be here as sacred fuel to the divine fire. For this I see as the consequence of that simple choice (To Be!!), the freedom we seek comes only through a complete sacrifice to a life lived in honour of the soul commitments that we made when coming here in service of the divine creation, and as we return home we remember more and more what these commitments are or were.

I extend good wishes to all awakening gardeners of Gaia. May this year bring about a significant shift for our e-merging civilization!!!


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27 Dec 2003 @ 07:19 by martha : soul commitments
Yes that is the key...radiating the spirit of higher self as we take on the commitments of all life. We are one always.

Blessings to you and Mark, Martha, may the next year bring growth and an awakening joy of co-creation. Check out the links and pictures now that I have them all in place I think!!  

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