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13 Oct 2003 @ 02:05, by Max Tobin

Austrian anthroposophist Rudolph Steiner proposes that wisdom is crystallized pain, but do we have to learn by pain alone, or is there another way by which we can master our destiny? Fortunately, our new scientific understanding points to the way of altering our fate so that we may finally choose our reality which ultimately forces us to either evolve and transmute - or self-destruct.

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13 Oct 2003 @ 13:26 by vaxen : Thankyou so much...
for the inspirational link Max.

Decide To Network
Use every letter you write
Every conversation you have
Every meeting you attend
To express your fundamental beliefs and dreams

Affirm to others the vision of the world you want

Network through thought
Network through action
Network through love
Network through the spirit

You are the centre of a network
You are the centre of the world

You are a free,
Immensely powerful source of life and goodness

Affirm it, spread it, radiate it
Think day and night about it
And you will see a miracle happen:

the greatness of your own life.

In a world of big powers, media and monopolies
But of 6.4 billion individuals
Networking is the new freedom
the new democracy

A new form of happiness.

Dr Robert Muller, Chancellor;
'World Peace University' Costa Rica, Central America.

** Thanks for the encouragment and support Vaxen, indeed every day is the miracle of creation experienced!!!  

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