Maxims: Life has a Way    
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15 Sep 2003 @ 18:25, by Max Tobin

Of supporting growth and encouraging us to move through the challenges that are of our own creation....

I wished to share my passion, and so took Alana for the first time to visit the Mountain (Active volcano Mount Ruapehu) where we ski in our winter/spring season. My intuition told me there would be a door for us to pass through together as we did this. Little did I realise how profound or intense that transition would be. And the 'pot of gold' was WE as we grew more to see!!

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16 Sep 2003 @ 06:15 by repsyche : pot 'o gold
...and was there a leprechaun sitting guarding the treasure?  

16 Sep 2003 @ 07:00 by martha : rainbows
I want to run under your rainbow max. May you and Alana find lots of pots of gold.  

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