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picture 21 May 2003 @ 23:05, by Max Tobin

We have been enjoying the journey, and on return to New Zealand I took Alana to visit Tane Mahuta who is our god of the forest, and so deeply rooted in local mythology.
It was confirming of our links and her initial impressions will keep this mighty tree forever in her memories also now. How appropriate for this experience to be inspiration for some of our first writing together.....

Tui sings
of more
transient things.


The Wisdom of Ages
Fills Books
with Empty Pages
Overlooking All
the Dances of Sages
We Walk in Bands
Across These Lands
Awaiting You,
Who Choose To Hear
Deep Mysteries of Life Revered
Life Codes, Nourish & Inform
As Lands of Heaven
And Earth Do Form
We Spirit People
On Our Quests
Let’s Journey Now
Come Home to Nest…

MAX & ALANA C 2003

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16 Sep 2003 @ 06:18 by repsyche : tane mahuta
what does the name, Tane Mahuta mean?

It's the 'God of the Forest' Dave. However, Tane can be translated as man (Generalized). and Mahuta is sort of 'Giant', but I am not well enough versed in Te Reo (the language of the people) to be able to attempt a more definative translation. See later log entry for more info!!  

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