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21 May 2003 @ 17:16, by Max Tobin

It has been a wonderous journey thus far, sometimes like a roller coaster ride. I find constant support and inspiration from Alana. Sometimes in response to a question or following a particularly compelling experience we will be gifted information from spirit....... here a little that came through me on one occasion....

We’ve already been told that’s because the human experience is so frozen in polarity and duality, and separate from the concepts of knowledge of unity. We are awakening to that now. It’s no longer a mental construct or abstract of the polar mind which works in duality, tricking us into thinking that it understands and allows us to experience unity, when in actual fact the mind can never experience unity. It can be witness to the body knowing of unity. And that’s when we awaken in the heart. And that’s why we are feeling such enormous openings in the heart, and the joy and the grief are so intertwined as we become clear in what we take on from our universe and the sustenance that comes directly to us from Source. And that which we take on from in our daily small lives as we try to integrate our knowing, with our walking thru the patterns of duality, which so dominate the planet at the moment. This is ancient knowing, Alana…this is truly the knowing that was lost when we lost Mu. The power of Egypt and the power of Atlantis were the powers of the mind and the power of polarity. Closely linked to Source no doubt, but separate from Source. Trying to control the flow of Source.

The knowing of Mu was that which was flowing with Source without seeking to control it. That’s what we are awakening to now. That’s why we give ourselves in service and open ourselves to guidance on a daily basis, before we make any moves.

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1 comment

22 May 2003 @ 05:22 by spiritseek : Profound...
very deep insight to the truth.  

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