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11 Feb 2003 @ 21:26, by Max Tobin

Hey I loved the piece with all the comments about the Washington Peace Rally. We had a really good laugh. So thought that you may appreciate this Groovy picture (no offense to Peter Jackson!!). The ring thingy actually seems to have gotten away from us here in Middle Earth, and these hobbits at least apologize to you all for our failure.

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11 Feb 2003 @ 23:46 by ming : The Ring
Hahah, no doubt about it now. Its right there in the picture. It is time for you Hobbits to go on another quest.

Actually I think it is so good that I'm going to steal it (the picture, not the ring) and pretend I had it all along.

You are very welcome Ming, and yes we Hobbits do need to get on with the Quest!! It is all happening, as I told you before we are the new civilization and we are doing it. It looks like this but will be very different HEE HEE!! Sirriusli though becoming comfortable with constant change and realising that the only certainty is the certainty of 'Natural Balance' has to be core to retaining sanity in these funny times.  

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