Maxims: For Alana    
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18 Aug 2002 @ 14:04, by Max Tobin

This image of the Evening Star with new moon into Leo came to me as I began saying farewell to my old life and welcome into the evolving joy. I wish upon this and am transported beyond my wildest dreams.

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18 Aug 2002 @ 14:11 by magical_melody : Thanks Love!
My Dear Max, I appreciate your beautiful Presence in my life, and celebrate all that we share and co-create in joy, abundance, beauty and magic! You truly are my compliment! I see this image as metaphor for the beginnings of a magical life we have come to share!  

25 Aug 2002 @ 21:03 by finny : Embracing Love
Love is the energy that the universe works from, it permeates everything and its energy is the source of all life. I wish you two thwe very best!  

26 Aug 2002 @ 22:42 by ming : Oooh
Love is a beautiful thing.  

28 Aug 2002 @ 15:58 by maxtobin : Yes IT IS!!
Having made the journey to USA, I find a welcome beyond that which any one could have dreamed possible. Yes indeed sacred space is NOW and spirit blesses those who walk the red road of unity and love.  

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