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18 Aug 2002 @ 13:51, by Max Tobin

This is the view of the Hokianga Heads. It is from here that the ancient sea going Waitaha peoples left and arrived on the oceans 'long tides'. From here they went to Easter Island and beyond to link the ancient nations of the Pacific.
This image I dedicate to my beautiful friends who understand the sacred nature of any journey. I travel the oceans too and carry the knowing of the land and seas with me.

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18 Aug 2002 @ 14:17 by magical_melody : Beautiful!
Max, I look forward to the opportunity to have our feet touch this land together! I am open to the God-dess guiding our steps as we adventure forth.

18th October, 2003 today: Exactly 9 months to the day we got married today. We did it on our honeymoon last January didn't we Max? The photo of this same location is posted on Max's log entitled Honeymoon at: {link:} Standing with seagull above our heads in magical embrace, was the realization of our union on sacred land and in sacred space!! I love you my dear husband!  

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