Maxims: Tane as both real & in myth    
 Tane as both real & in myth1 comment
18 Aug 2002 @ 13:37, by Max Tobin

Tane is God of the forest and possibly the most magestic and power filled (for surely legend and his-story embue him with this power) of the native NZ trees. Also from myth in the depths of Mu-story he is the ONE who seperated the prime embrace of mother/father God/dess thus bringing in the light and allowing the sacred play that we are and do. I felt the need to pay my respects on the physical level before I set out on the next phase of the journey into the divine mystery. I am excited and nervous, being totally embraced by Goddess, however, allows more and more of the deep and ancient knowing to manifest. Tane also means man in the Maori language. He stands more than fifty meters tall and has a girth/diameter of more than 13 metres. I am humbled and empowered through this connection.

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1 comment

12 Sep 2002 @ 10:36 by magical_melody : Mu re-emerging!
We two are coming home to MU, as we break through, the waves of change.  

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