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7 Mar 2002 @ 03:49, by Max Tobin

And so I stop
Center of a quietened consciousness.
All about is wreakage: cosmic waste
in which the lotos grows.
I gaze empty eyed
through lines of eternity.
From a distance chaos strikes
a pleasing balance of graceful
While I maintain my distance,
I see.
the endless lessons of disociation,
the echoing laughter of the joker
playing cupid through our attachment
archer for the godhead.
Playing wisdoms bow
in swimming light.
Sending our distractng mind
inward to the space of all answers
peace within us or without us.

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10 Mar 2002 @ 05:46 by shawa : Thanks, Max
I bow to God in you... --,--ยด--,--@  

11 Mar 2002 @ 16:43 by maxtobin : Delighted
That which is the divine creator is in the heart of all we do, it is wonderful to be connected, it makes the process real. Not knowing just is not connected, I surrender to the flow of God/Goddess in us all. We are our-story and there is an interesting link therefore to his-story. Our story is in the now and history is? To share the light is an ultimate delight!  

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