Maxims: For my NCN friends    
 For my NCN friends4 comments
12 Feb 2002 @ 01:23, by Max Tobin

When one finds a friend
One finds the greatest wealth
That we may know.
Friends trust,
And entertain us.
Gems and jewels
Without the sun
are the same
as people without friendship
there is no sparkle

Echoes of Love.
There is:
only one planet,
only one atmosphere,
only one sea,
only one life,
only this moment.
We are the ability to know
And understand this.
There is only one binding force
In the infinite,
The spark of love.
We are but reflections
Of pure and perfect love.
When we become lovers of all,
We begin to live,
A life of understanding.

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12 Feb 2002 @ 02:47 by shawa : May I hug you ?

12 Feb 2002 @ 11:55 by maxtobin : of Course
Thank you for the hug from your corner of paradise, it is a nice way to start my day. Keep dancing and talking/listening to the trees!  

12 Feb 2002 @ 20:54 by tdeane : Ah, Max!
You have such a gift of putting that which is inside out in full view for us all to feel together! Thank you for your beautiful, insightful poetry. Much Love ~ Tricia  

3 Mar 2002 @ 20:49 by magical_melody : Max, You are Sparkling!
Your Presence is warm, wise and Wonderful! You are bright like the Sun. Max-imize that Light and keep sharing YOU, with us.
Blessings, Alana  

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