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12 Feb 2002 @ 01:21, by Max Tobin

The moment is magic,
Filled by imagination.
A crossroads
Where what is
Is created
By what has been
and what will be.
Eternally changing
Patterns of living,
Fear of this
Is emotional friction
Between the dreamers,
And the blind.

A rock in roll fantasy
The secret of eternity.
Surely our earth dances,
Rocks and rolls
Through forever thank God.
Rolls to give us day and night,
Rocks to give us summer and winter.
It is a slow dance,
But sure.
It is the dance of material

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1 comment

26 Jun 2002 @ 22:45 by magical_melody : Dreamers and the Blind!
Yes, the blind cannot see what lies beyond appearances, and is that not what is most feared by those in the midst of change-That they shall lose themselves in the mix. And yet have we all not been blinded at one time until we came to our senses in new and unusual ways? God and Goddess, committed to experience it all through us and nature's landscapes. And then the great realization...nothing is ever lost. Just another cloud cover passing through time and space. Hmmm.  

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