Maxims: Some wee verse    
 Some wee verse5 comments
7 Feb 2002 @ 02:57, by Max Tobin


To have a vision
And move toward it
Is what we all need
In our sad sick lives
So squashed with greed
But cosmic knowledge is ours
to share.
We carry the light,
It is our joyful delight
At seeing and being
In a beautiful garden.
Our imagination will create
A walless realm,
And we will dance,
Children in the sun
Again free to relate
In open honesty.
Doing what is needed
The message of the heart
Again heeded.

Every where eye looks
Life free to be.
A joyous salute to the sun
Sustaining power.
The green vibrations stopped
In growth.
The bees know,
greater symbiotic beauty
their taking gives life
to flowery growth
Cooperative hive,
A picture of efficiency.
The birds too,
Play and sing a freedom song.
A perfect playground could be,
Except for you and me.
Like jealous Gods we rant and rave
Destroying all that we might save.
In our garden playground
Does love abound
In knowledge shared,
‘cause none has all.
Except of course for peace
Of mind.

Of Rainbows.
Even the golden light
Is not pure,
Or so it seems
For rainbows play
Throughout our dreams.
Splitting the light
For our fortunate eye,
A sign of creation
To fill the sky.
A gift from the heavens,
Comes as a vision
When one encompases
A right attitude.
Magic moments created
By play of consciousness
In its relentless drive,
The archers goal
A world where man has time
To share the beauty
That is the rainbow.

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7 Feb 2002 @ 03:07 by tdeane : Two Beautiful Ways...
Ah the creative juices are flowing! Another thank, Max. And even more love. ~ Tricia  

7 Feb 2002 @ 10:09 by shawa : The beauty of the rainbow
Hi, there!I -also - live in an island, though not surrounded by sea(s);I live in an island, where beauty breathes free from every tree...  

7 Feb 2002 @ 10:12 by jazzolog : Aim
Your arrow flies true, archerpoet. Over a rainbow.  

26 Jun 2002 @ 22:17 by magical_melody : Ah Yes, the Rainbow and the Hive!
Max, thanks for this beautiful prose. It inspires a vision.
Come join me by this patch of sunflowers. I will set down the blanket, where we can sit to get to know one another as we sip on our favorite drinks, and delight in natures vibrant colors of green as rich and lavish woodsy and grassy scents find their way deep into the memories of who we used to be. The sounds of birds flying high above, takes our attention into higher spaces, where sun and clouds dance, and the largest rainbow we've ever seen, arches over us, letting us know that WE ARE HERE, in ever enriching multisensory awareness and into new Being, and we laugh. Ahhh. can't you just feel it Max?.. the Magic... You take me there Max.  

29 Jun 2002 @ 10:02 by twohawk : beauty
Ah! The Garden of Spirit renewed, heart pounding the surface of modern might, timeless phosphorescence of divine light traverses the night. You are a delight!  

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